Richard (Richard) M. Burr (R)
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Capitol: 202.224.3154
FAX: 202.228.2981
District: 336.631.5125
District FAX: 336.725.4493
Room 217 RSOB- Russell Senate Office Building 2 Constitution Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20510-3308

Residence: Winston-Salem, NC
Elected: 2004    Next Election: 2022
Spouse: Brooke Fauth   DOB: 11/30/1955
Committee Assignments
ChairmanSenate Select Committee on Intelligence
FC MemberSenate Republican High Tech Task Force
Co-ChairCongressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Boating Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Heart and Stroke Coalition
Co-ChairCongressional Nanotechnology Caucus
FC MemberBorder Security and Enforcement First Immigration Caucus
Co-ChairSenate Community College Caucus
FC MemberSenate Reserve Components Caucus
Co-ChairSenate Special Operations Forces Caucus
Co-ChairNextGen 9-1-1 Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Philanthropy Caucus
ChairmanSenate Military Family Caucus
FC MemberHonoring, Embracing, and Recognizing Our Exceptional Service Members (HEROES) Caucus
FC MemberSenate Caucus to End Human Trafficking
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security
FC MemberSenate Aerospace Caucus
FC MemberSenate Manufactured Housing Caucus
FC MemberSenate Friends of Scotland Caucus
FC MemberSenate General Aviation Caucus
FC MemberSenate Taiwan Caucus
FC MemberTennessee Valley Authority Congressional Caucus
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Children and Families
MemberSenate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
MemberSenate Special Committee on Aging
FC MemberSenate Army Caucus
FC MemberSenate Law Enforcement Caucus
FC MemberSenate Travel and Tourism Caucus
FC MemberSenate Caucus on WMD Terrorism (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
FC MemberSenate Rural Health Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Coalition on Adoption
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight
FC MemberAir Force Caucus (Senate)
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Health Care
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety
FC MemberSenate National Guard Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Sportsmen's Caucus
MemberSenate Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
MemberSenate Committee on Finance
FC MemberCongressional Manufactured Housing Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Recycling Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Biomedical Research Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Internet Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Wine Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus
FC MemberInternational Conservation Caucus (ICC)
FC MemberCoalition for Autism Research and Education (CARE)
FC MemberCongressional Fire Services Caucus
FC MemberUSO Congressional Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus


In the Senate, Richard serves as Chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where he puts the security of the American people first, while providing rigorous oversight of our intelligence community. He also sits on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and the Finance Committee.

The son of a minister, Richard and his family moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina when he was a young child. After graduating from Wake Forest University, he began his career far from the halls of Congress by spending seventeen years in business with Carswell Distributing, a wholesale commercial products company.

He also serves as a Board Member of Brenner Children's Hospital and on the West Point Board of Visitors. Richard and his wife, Brooke, have two sons.