Eliot (Eliot) L. Engel (D-USH16)
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Capitol: 202.225.2464
FAX: 202.225.5513
District: 718.796.9700
District FAX: 718.796.5134
Room 2462 RHOB- Rayburn House Office Building 50 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20515-3216

Residence: Bronx, NY
Elected: 1988    Next Election: 2018
Spouse: Patricia Ennis   DOB: 2/18/1947
Committee Assignments
RM MemberHouse Committee on Foreign Affairs
Co-ChairAlbanian Issues Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Israel Allies Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Caucus on Brazil
Co-ChairFragile X Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Allergy and Asthma Caucus
Co-ChairLatino-Jewish Congressional Caucus
ChairmanOil and National Security Caucus [ONS Caucus]
Co-ChairTuberculosis Elimination Caucus
FC Member9/11 Health Caucus
Co-ChairCongressional Argentina Caucus
Co-ChairAd Hoc Congressional Committee on Irish Affairs
FC MemberCongressional Cuba Democracy Caucus
Co-ChairBipartisan Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism
FC MemberOlder Americans Caucus
MemberHouse Subcommittee on Health
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Central Asia (CCCA)
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Global Road Safety
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
FC MemberHouse Sugar Caucus
MemberHouse Committee on Energy and Commerce
FC MemberNew York Bipartisan Congressional Delegation
FC MemberDutch Congressional Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on the Netherlands
FC MemberCongressional Friends of Spain Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Hearing Health Caucus
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations
FC MemberCongressional Friends of Liechtenstein Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Bulgaria
FC MemberMalaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases Caucus
FC MemberU.S.-Mexico Friendship Caucus
FC MemberFriends of Ireland Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Singapore Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Friends of Canada
FC MemberCongressional Long Island Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on the European Union
FC MemberCongressional Medical Technology Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Bosnia
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific
FC MemberInternational Workers Rights Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Anti-Bullying Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Ukraine Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Lupus Caucus
MemberHouse Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
FC MemberCongressional French Caucus
FC MemberBipartisan Congressional School Health and Safety Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Missing, Exploited and Runaway Children's Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus
Ex-OfficioHouse Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa
FC MemberCongressional Hellenic-Israel Alliance
FC MemberCongressional Friends of the National Park Service Centennial
FC MemberHouse Trails Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Biotechnology Caucus
FC MemberThe Law Enforcement Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Taiwan Caucus
FC MemberHouse Congressional Academic Medicine Caucus
FC MemberU.S.-China Working Group
FC MemberCongressional Rare and Neglected Diseases Caucus
FC MemberNextGen 9-1-1 Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Glaucoma Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus (ATR)
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues
FC MemberCongressional Zoo and Aquarium Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Vision Caucus
FC MemberBipartisan Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on Armenian Issues
FC MemberCongressional Travel and Tourism Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Mental Health Caucus
FC MemberInternational Conservation Caucus (ICC)
FC MemberTom Lantos Human Rights Commission
FC MemberCongressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans
FC MemberCongressional HIV/AIDS Caucus
FC MemberMilitary Veterans Caucus
FC MemberNew Democrat Coalition
FC MemberCongressional Fire Services Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus
FC MemberRenewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Nursing Caucus
FC MemberCoalition for Autism Research and Education (CARE)
FC MemberCommunity College Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus
FC MemberBipartisan Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease
FC MemberCongressional Arts Caucus
FC MemberHouse Small Brewers Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Animal Protection Caucus
FC MemberBicameral Congressional Caucus on Parkinson's Disease
FC MemberCongressional Diabetes Caucus
FC MemberCongressional Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Equality Caucus
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Congressman Engel is the Ranking Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He also serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee including the Subcommittee on Health, and the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. He is the founder and Co-Chair of the House Oil and National Security Caucus, which is seeking clean, energy efficient alternatives to America's over-reliance on oil. He also sits on the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, the Bipartisan Task Force for Combatting Anti-Semitism, the HIV/AIDS Caucus, the Long Island Sound Caucus, and the Animal Protection Caucus, among others.

Congressman Engel was born in the Bronx on February 18, 1947. He grew up in a city housing project and attended New York City public schools. In 1969, he graduated from Hunter-Lehman College with a B.A. in History and received a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling in 1973 from Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York. In 1987, he received a law degree from New York Law School.

For twelve years prior to his election to Congress, Mr. Engel served in the New York State Assembly (1977-1988), where he chaired the Committee on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, as well as the Subcommittee on Mitchell-Lama Housing. Prior to that, he was a teacher and guidance counselor in the New York City public school system.

A lifelong resident of the Bronx, Congressman Engel is married to Pat Engel. They have three children.

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