Out of Iraq Caucus

Room 2221 RHOB- Rayburn House Office Building
50 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20515-0535
202.225.2201 FAX: 202.225.7854

ChairmanWaters, Maxine D-h43Los Angeles
Federal Caucus MemberClarke, Yvette D.D-h09Brooklyn
Federal Caucus MemberClay, Wm. Lacy D-h01Florissant
Federal Caucus MemberCohen, Steve I.D-h09Memphis
Federal Caucus MemberDavis, Danny K.D-h07Chicago
Federal Caucus MemberDeFazio, Peter A.D-h04Coos Bay
Federal Caucus MemberGrijalva, Raul M.D-h03Avondale
Federal Caucus MemberJackson Lee, Sheila D-h18Houston
Federal Caucus MemberJohnson, Hank C.D-h04Decatur
Federal Caucus MemberKaptur, Marcy C.D-h09Cleveland
Federal Caucus MemberLarson, John B.D-h01Hartford
Co-ChairLewis, John R.D-h05Atlanta
Federal Caucus MemberLynch, Stephen F.D-h08Quincy
Federal Caucus MemberMcGovern, Jim P.D-h02Leominster
Federal Caucus MemberMoore, Gwen S.D-h04Milwaukee
Federal Caucus MemberNapolitano, Grace F.D-h32El Monte
Federal Caucus MemberNeal, Richard E.D-h01Pittsfield
Federal Caucus MemberRoybal-Allard, Lucille D-h40Commerce
Federal Caucus MemberSanchez, Linda T.D-h38Norwalk
Co-ChairSchakowsky, Jan D.D-h09Evanston
Federal Caucus MemberSerrano, Jose E.D-h15Bronx
Federal Caucus MemberThompson, Bennie G.D-h02Jackson

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