Congressional Historically Black Colleges and Universities Caucus

Room 222 CHOB- Cannon House Office Building
25 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, AL 20515-3312
202.225.1510 FAX: 202.225.1512
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Vice ChairSewell, Terri A.D-h07Tuscaloosa
Vice ChairThompson, Bennie G.D-h02Jackson
Co-ChairAdams, Alma S.D-h12Charlotte
Federal Caucus MemberBishop, Sanford D.D-h02Brigham City
Federal Caucus MemberBrooks, Mo R-h05Florence
Federal Caucus MemberButterfield, G.K. D-h01Durham
Co-ChairByrne, Bradley R.R-h01Mobile
Federal Caucus MemberClay, Wm. Lacy D-h01Florissant
Federal Caucus MemberCleaver, Emanuel D-h05Higginsville
Federal Caucus MemberClyburn, James E.D-h06Santee
Federal Caucus MemberCohen, Steve I.D-h09Memphis
Federal Caucus MemberCummings, Elijah E.D-h07Ellicott City
Federal Caucus MemberFudge, Marcia L.D-h11Akron
Federal Caucus MemberHill, French R-h02Little Rock
Federal Caucus MemberHoyer, Steny H.D-h05White Plains
Federal Caucus MemberHudson, Richard L.R-h08Pinehurst
Federal Caucus MemberJohnson, Eddie BerniceD-h30Dallas
Federal Caucus MemberKelly, Trent R-h01Corinth
Federal Caucus MemberLewis, John R.D-h05Atlanta
Federal Caucus MemberLieu, Ted W.D-h33Manhattan Beach
Federal Caucus MemberMcCollum, Betty DFL-h04St. Paul
Federal Caucus MemberPrice, David E.D-h04Raleigh
Federal Caucus MemberWalker, Mark R-h06Asheboro
Federal Caucus MemberWilson, Frederica S.D-h24West Park

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