Self-Directed Foundations for Teaching of Reading (SD217221)
Credits: 5 / Tuition: $350 / Additional Fee for Non NEGA RESA: $25.00


Class Notes


This Reading Endorsement Co-hort is part of a self-directed program.

Participants will have 12 weeks to complete this course.

This class consists of learning modules that will be completed over a twelve week period. All assignments and projects must be completed satisfactorily and turned in to the instructor by the last day of class.

Course Description

Course Description:

A Foundation of Teaching Reading is the first in a series of three courses. This course is designed to provide and extend candidates’ knowledge of the reading process by examining theory and research as a foundation for making instructional decisions for planning and implementing effective literacy programs. In order to inform such decision-making, candidates will explore current issues, materials, strategies, and approaches to teaching reading to P-12 children in our pluralistic society. This course requires a 10 hour field experience, which is embedded within course assignments. Course Goals Participants in this course will increase knowledge and develop skills to:

Analyze the major theories of language development, cognition and learning.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of phonemic, morphemic, semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic cueing systems and their relation to the reading and writing process.
  • Understand the structure of the English language, including phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax, and the way that print represents speech. 
  • Identify research-based instructional and assessment practices for promoting literacy development of beginning, developing, and fluent readers and writers. 
  • Evaluate methods and materials that embrace and accept diversity

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