Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices for School Leaders (SD220548)
Credits: 0 Hours: 0.00 / Tuition: $65 / Additional Fee for Non NEGA RESA: $50.00
Status: OPEN / Maximum Size: 30
Instructor: Seyoung Holte
Date: 11/8/2019 Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Lyndol Cain Room - NEGA RESA Training Center Winterville, Ga (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 11/1/2019


Class Notes



*  Principals

*   Assistant Principals

 District Leaders: Curriculum Directors, Coordinators, Content/Program Specialists

 School Level Instructional Coaches/Specialists            


  1. Knowledge: Participants will gain an understanding of the broad learning progression in whole number and fractional reasoning, connections between the Standards for Mathematical Practices (SMP) and Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices (MTP), and key elements of effective teacher actions in various instructional frameworks.

  2. Practice: Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices (NCTM, 2014) as a guide to promote Standards for Mathematical Practices in Mathematics Classroom

  3. Participants will...

  • Gain clarity of the big ideas and progression in GSE standards.

  • Engage in problem solving tasks to discuss eight Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and reflect on equitable practices and student learning.    

  • Explore various instructional frameworks and draw key elements of effective whole group explorations, small group discussions, learning stations, and individual interviews.

  • Investigate the characteristics of rich tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving. 

  • Examine student work (and talk) samples.

  • Discuss ways to facilitate productive conversations about planning and instruction.

  • Use the indicators of effective mathematics teaching practices to provide meaningful feedback for continuous growth.

Course Description

The purpose of this workshop is to build clarity on Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and equip the leaders with tools and resources to conduct meaningful conversations about teaching and learning of mathematics with teachers and teams.

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