K5 Math: Understanding Data Analysis & Probability (SD219110)
Credits: 4 / Tuition: $350 / Additional Fee for Non NEGA RESA: $25.00
Status: EXTENDED / Maximum Size: 30
Instructor: William Barr
Date: 7/1/2018 thru 6/30/2019 Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: - Online Only Online, (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 6/1/2019


Class Notes

Course Description

This is the third of four courses in the K-5 Math Endorsement; an optional program for educators who choose to strengthen and enhance their current competency levels.    Data analysis permeates our lives; therefore it is essential for students to develop an innate understanding and appreciation of data analysis.  For teachers to develop a strong understanding of the Data Analysis and Probability domain in students, they must have a deep understanding of the pedagogical content knowledge with respect to this domain.  Pedagogical content knowledge goes beyond simply being able to answer problems correctly; it is the intersection of content and pedagogy.  Having pedagogical content knowledge means teachers know how to represent concepts, assess what prior knowledge and misconceptions each student brings to a given learning situation, and know how to address these through meaningful facilitation techniques.      

Course Goals



In implementing the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement Program, Northeast Georgia RESA is committed to preparing its teacher participants to teach a rigorous standards-based mathematics curriculum, equipping them with essential content knowledge and exemplary instructional skills.  The program consists of four courses and a field experience:

  • Understanding Number and Operations
  • Understanding Geometry
  • Understanding Data Analysis and Probability
  • Understanding Algebra
  • Field Experience for the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement

The total number of contact hours is 200 plus the hours involved in planning for and teaching learning units in participants' classrooms.

Teachers wishing to participate in the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement Program must complete the application packet which can be accessed below.  Participants in the K-5 Mathematics Endorsement Program will be accepted into the program upon review of the completed application packet.  

Participants need to complete the packet and submit to Northeast Georgia RESA one month prior to the first date of Understanding Number and Operations for the cohort they wish to join. Further information on the endorsement program is available in the program handbook.

K-5 Application Packet

Early Childhood Mathematics Participant Handbook


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