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Reading Endorsement Course II Content Area Literacy: Application of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices (PL2021-77)
Hours: 50.00 / Tuition: $350 / Non Oconee RESA Fee: $700.00
Status: ADMIN / Maximum Size: 30
Instructor: Oconee RESA Staff
Date: 11/29/2021 thru 2/28/2022 Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: - Virtual Tennille, GA (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 9/12/2021


Course Description

Course II 

Content Area Literacy:  

Application of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices 

Course description/objectives: 
Candidates will learn how to deliver evidence-based instruction focused on identified student weakness. Through high quality, differentiated and evidence-based instructional approaches, candidates will scaffold learning carefully with a rigorous and challenging learning environment to meet students at their identified level of performance and rate of progress as leveraged with Lexile measures, IEP goals, objectives and learning targets.  On completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

      -Create coherent and developmentally appropriate reading instruction (Grades K-12) that considers individual learners’ strengths, interests, and needs that enables each learner to advance in his/her learning. 

      -Assist other content subjects with interdisciplinary planning in order to achieve reading across the curriculum. 

      -Acquire and use new skills needed to effectively teach reading comprehension in primary grades with an understanding of the oral and written language that facilitates it through phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics as they relate to comprehending print.

      -Understand the importance and function of receptive and expressive vocabulary instruction, semantics, domain specific vocabulary (academic vocabulary), and morphology as it relates to vocabulary development. 

      -Understand the role of vocabulary as it works into students’ understanding of word meanings, repeated practice, and comprehension of print through the use of context clues, explicit teaching, and the use of assessment data to make ongoing decisions directed to individual student needs. 

      -Apply strategy that builds student capacity through teacher modeling, guided practice, particularly as it impacts text readability, complexity, coherence, structure, and overall comprehension by understanding the interdependence among reading components and their effect on the reading process for native speakers of English as well as English language learners. 

      -Understand the impact that linguistic and cultural background has on English language learners’ comprehension, along with importance and role of home languages. 

      -Plan and prepare to teach using scaffolded strategies, Response to Intervention, and differentiated instruction to move their students along a continuum of reading success as it builds reading comprehension.


Target Audience
Classroom Teachers
District Administration
Instructional Facilitators/Coaches
School-Level Administration

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