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Marrying ELA and Social Studies
Hours: 6.00 / Tuition: $0 / Non Oconee RESA Fee: $50.00
Status: OPEN / Maximum Size: 50
Instructor: Paulene Roberson
Date: 10/6/2021 Time: 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Location: - Oconee RESA Training Center Tennille, Ga (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 10/2/2021


Course Description

You Want Me to Read What?!

Marrying ELA & Social Studies: Connecting Social Studies and ELA Shifts

This workshop is designed to provide information on the development, purpose, and structure of shifts in ELA and Social Studies and how they relate to the GSE.

Participants Outcomes:

  •       Identify the key shifts in ELA and Social Studies.
  •          Identify shift connections between the curricular areas.
  •       Reflect on critical components of ELA Standards and where/how they fit into Social Studies.
  •       Help students visualize the process of change with historical images.
  •       Review skills needed for non-fiction reading and formulating theses (Argumentative and Informational Writing).
  •       Participants will become familiar with analyzing events and ideas using primary and secondary sources.
  •       Evaluating text for author’s point of view; determine central ideas, review information for cause-and-effect relationships. 
  •       Interpret author’s point of view, fact from opinion using political cartoons, and evaluate relevant information. 
  •       Examine media using charts, graphs, pictures, and maps to make comparisons with information in print and interpret meaning.



In this investigation, the shifts in ELA with an emphasis in social studies instruction to move your teaching practice forward was emphasized. 



  • Together, refine and improve a lesson you currently have by emphasizing the ELA shifts and social studies disciplinary strategies from this investigation. (Please bring a current lesson plan.)
  • Develop a formative or summative assessment combining literacy and disciplinary social studies skills. (Please bring a current test.)


Target Audience:

Classroom Teachers
Instructional Facilitators/Coaches


Class Notes


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