School/District Partnership Agreement

I understand GaPSC rule 505-3-.76 requires specific items to be included in the Metro RESA/School District/School/Candidate Partnership Agreement. These specifications are required for program admission and program completion. The points of the Partnership Agreement are as follows: 
Note: The School District/Site Administrator participates in the design of the performance plan for the candidate.
I understand that in order to participate in the MRESA iLEAD program, the candidate must meet the following criteria:
01. Receive the recommendation of a Georgia LUA for participation in the program and assurance that the candidate is available one-half day or more each day to work in a leadership position. The LUA will need to apply for a non-renewable educational leadership certificate for the candidate if the candidate does not already possess this upon acceptance into the iLEAD program. 
02. Hold a GaPSC Level 5 or higher professional certificate for current educators; or hold, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree for non-educators.
03. Have evidence of experiences in engaging colleagues in professional learning opportunities.
04. Exhibit professional leadership dispositions.
05. Have evidence of effective teaching.
06. Have the opportunity to complete a minimum of 250 hours of job-embedded experiences including 30 hours of Shadowing and Field Experiences.
07. Have the opportunity to conduct action research based on the system/school improvement plans.
08. Have the opportunity within professional learning communities to lead groups in work related to action research designed by the School District/Site Administrator/MRESA partnership.
09. Be assigned an effective leader (with Educational Leadership or Performance-Based Leadership certification) as a Site-based Mentor.
10. Must have taken the GACE Ethics for Educational Leaders 380 for Tier I admissions.
In addition to the points cited above, the Site Administrator agrees to:
11. Serve on the Candidate Support Team (CST).
12. Support the iLEAD Mentor in coaching/mentoring the candidate.
13. Evaluate the candidate’s performance and dispositions during the Candidate Support Team meetings.
14. Support the candidate in all assignments and planned experiences.
15.Assure the iLEAD Mentor assists the candidate in arranging Shadowing and Field Experiences, identifying resources for research related to Action Research plans.