Vote Detail

Bill Number: HR 1162
Bill Title: General Assembly; state-wide education policy; clarify authority - CA
Chamber: House
Vote Number: 474
Vote Title: Charter schools consitutional amendment
Vote Date: 2/8/2012
Supportive Vote: Yea (Green background)
Vote Analysis:

After emotional debate, HR1162 received only 110 "yes" votes and 62 "no" votes.  This proposed constitutional amendment required 120 "yes" votes to pass and thus was lost.  The majority party whip, Rep. Ed Lindsey (R-Atlanta), served notice immediately that he would move on the next legislative day that the House reconsider its vote.  That vote, which is certain to pass, will occur on February 9, after which additional "politicking" will begin again on this controversial resolution.

110 62 2 4 2
1Abrams, Stacey Y. (D-089)YeaNayNVExNIO
2Alexander, Kimberly A. (D-066)YeaNayNVExNIO
3Allison, Stephen T. (R-008)YeaNayNVExNIO
4Anderson, Tonya P. (D-092)YeaNayNVExNIO
5Atwood, Alex (R-179)YeaNayNVExNIO
6Ballinger, Mandi Lia (R-023)YeaNayNVExNIO
7Barr, Timothy L. (R-103)YeaNayNVExNIO
8Battles, Paul R. (R-015)YeaNayNVExNIO
9Beasley-Teague, Sharon (D-065)YeaNayNVExNIO
10Bell, Simone (D-058)YeaNayNVExNIO
11Belton, Dave (R-112)YeaNayNVExNIO
12Bennett, Karen L. (D-094)YeaNayNVExNIO
13Bentley, Patty J. (D-139)YeaNayNVExNIO
14Benton, Thomas H. (R-031)YeaNayNVExNIO
15Beskin, Beth (R-054)YeaNayNVExNIO
16Beverly, James T. (D-143)YeaNayNVExNIO
17Broadrick, Bruce L. (R-004)YeaNayNVExNIO
18Brockway, Buzz (R-102)YeaNayNVExNIO
19Bruce, Roger B. (D-061)YeaNayNVExNIO
20Bryant, Bob (D-162)YeaNayNVExNIO
21Buckner, Debbie G. (D-137)YeaNayNVExNIO
22Burns, Jon G. (R-159)YeaNayNVExNIO
23Caldwell, Johnnie L. (R-131)YeaNayNVExNIO
24Caldwell, Michael R. (R-020)YeaNayNVExNIO
25Cantrell, Wesley E. (R-022)YeaNayNVExNIO
26Carson, John K. (R-046)YeaNayNVExNIO
27Carter, Amy A. (R-175)YeaNayNVExNIO
28Casas, David S. (R-107)YeaNayNVExNIO
29Chandler, Joyce H. (R-105)YeaNayNVExNIO
30Cheokas, Michael A. (R-138)YeaNayNVExNIO
31Clark, David T. (R-098)YeaNayNVExNIO
32Clark, Heath N. (R-147)YeaNayNVExNIO
33Clark, Valerie M. (R-101)YeaNayNVExNIO
34Coleman, Brooks P. (R-097)YeaNayNVExNIO
35Cooke, Kevin C. (R-018)YeaNayNVExNIO
36Coomer, Christian A. (R-014)YeaNayNVExNIO
37Cooper, Sharon M. (R-043)YeaNayNVExNIO
38Corbett, John L. (R-174)YeaNayNVExNIO
39Dawkins-Haigler, Dee (D-091)YeaNayNVExNIO
40Deffenbaugh, John V. (R-001)YeaNayNVExNIO
41Dempsey, Katie M. (R-013)YeaNayNVExNIO
42Dickerson, Pamela A. (D-113)YeaNayNVExNIO
43Dickey, Robert L. (R-140)YeaNayNVExNIO
44Dickson, Tom S. (R-006)YeaNayNVExNIO
45Dollar, Matthew K. (R-045)YeaNayNVExNIO
46Douglas, Demetrius M. (D-078)YeaNayNVExNIO
47Drenner, Karla L. (D-085)YeaNayNVExNIO
48Dudgeon, Michael J. (R-025)YeaNayNVExNIO
49Dukes, Winfred J. (D-154)YeaNayNVExNIO
50Dunahoo, Emory W. (R-030)YeaNayNVExNIO
51Duncan, Geoff L. (R-026)YeaNayNVExNIO
52Ealum, Darrel B. (D-153)YeaNayNVExNIO
53Efstration, Chuck (R-104)YeaNayNVExNIO
54Ehrhart, Earl D. (R-036)YeaNayNVExNIO
55England, Terry L. (R-116)YeaNayNVExNIO
56Epps, Bubber (R-144)YeaNayNVExNIO
57Evans, Stacey G. (D-042)YeaNayNVExNIO
58Fleming, Barry A. (R-121)YeaNayNVExNIO
59Floyd, Hugh (D-099)YeaNayNVExNIO
60Fludd, Virgil L. (D-064)YeaNayNVExNIO
61Frazier, Gloria J. (D-126)YeaNayNVExNIO
62Frye, Spencer R. (D-118)YeaNayNVExNIO
63Gardner, Patricia P. (D-057)YeaNayNVExNIO
64Gasaway, Dan (R-028)YeaNayNVExNIO
65Geisinger, Harry C. (R-048)YeaNayNVExNIO
66Glanton, Michael E. (D-075)YeaNayNVExNIO
67Golick, Rich M. (R-040)YeaNayNVExNIO
68Gordon, J. Craig (D-163)YeaNayNVExNIO
69Gravley, Micah (R-067)YeaNayNVExNIO
70Greene, Gerald E. (R-151)YeaNayNVExNIO
71Hamilton, Mark D. (R-024)YeaNayNVExNIO
72Harbin, Ben L. (R-122)YeaNayNVExNIO
73Harden, Buddy (R-148)YeaNayNVExNIO
74Harrell, Brett A. (R-106)YeaNayNVExNIO
75Hatchett, Matt (R-150)YeaNayNVExNIO
76Hawkins, Lee (R-027)YeaNayNVExNIO
77Henson, Michele D. (D-086)YeaNayNVExNIO
78Hightower, Dustin W. (R-068)YeaNayNVExNIO
79Hitchens, William W. (R-161)YeaNayNVExNIO
80Holcomb, Scott (D-081)YeaNayNVExNIO
81Holmes, Susan D. (R-129)YeaNayNVExNIO
82Houston, Penny (R-170)YeaNayNVExNIO
83Howard, Wayne (D-124)YeaNayNVExNIO
84Hugley, Carolyn F. (D-136)YeaNayNVExNIO
85Jackson, Mack (D-128)YeaNayNVExNIO
86Jacobs, Michael J. (R-080)YeaNayNVExNIO
87Jasperse, Rick C. (R-011)YeaNayNVExNIO
88Jones, Jan Slaughter (R-047)YeaNayNVExNIO
89Jones, Jeff (R-167)YeaNayNVExNIO
90Jones, LaDawn B. (D-062)YeaNayNVExNIO
91Jones, Sheila (D-053)YeaNayNVExNIO
92Jordan, Darryl W. (D-077)YeaNayNVExNIO
93Kaiser, Margaret D. (D-059)YeaNayNVExNIO
94Kelley, Trey (R-016)YeaNayNVExNIO
95Kendrick, Darshun N. (D-093)YeaNayNVExNIO
96Kidd, Rusty (I-145)YeaNayNVExNIO
97Kirby, Tom (R-114)YeaNayNVExNIO
98Knight, David W. (R-130)YeaNayNVExNIO
99LaRiccia, Dominic F. (R-169)YeaNayNVExNIO
100Lumsden, Eddie (R-012)YeaNayNVExNIO
101Mabra, Ronnie E. (D-063)YeaNayNVExNIO
102Marin, Pedro R. (D-096)YeaNayNVExNIO
103Martin, Charles E. (R-049)YeaNayNVExNIO
104Maxwell, Howard R. (R-017)YeaNayNVExNIO
105Mayo, Rahn (D-084)YeaNayNVExNIO
106McCall, Thomas A. (R-033)YeaNayNVExNIO
107McClain, Dewey L. (D-100)YeaNayNVExNIO
108Meadows, John D. (R-005)YeaNayNVExNIO
109Mitchell, Billy (D-088)YeaNayNVExNIO
110Morris, Gregory A. (R-156)YeaNayNVExNIO
111Mosby, Howard A. (D-083)YeaNayNVExNIO
112Nimmer, Chad (R-178)YeaNayNVExNIO
113Nix, Randy O. (R-069)YeaNayNVExNIO
114O'Neal, Larry E. (R-146)YeaNayNVExNIO
115Oliver, Mary Margaret (D-082)YeaNayNVExNIO
116Pak, B.J. (R-108)YeaNayNVExNIO
117Parrish, Butch (R-158)YeaNayNVExNIO
118Parsons, Don L. (R-044)YeaNayNVExNIO
119Peake, Allen M. (R-141)YeaNayNVExNIO
120Petrea, Jesse L. (R-166)YeaNayNVExNIO
121Pezold, John D. (R-133)YeaNayNVExNIO
122Powell, Alan T. (R-032)YeaNayNVExNIO
123Powell, Jay (R-171)YeaNayNVExNIO
124Prince, Brian L. (D-127)YeaNayNVExNIO
125Pruett, Jimmy H. (R-149)YeaNayNVExNIO
126Quick, Regina M. (R-117)YeaNayNVExNIO
127Raffensperger, Brad (R-050)YeaNayNVExNIO
128Rakestraw, Paulette (R-019)YeaNayNVExNIO
129Ralston, David E. (R-007)YeaNayNVExNIO
130Ramsey, Matthew L. (R-072)YeaNayNVExNIO
131Randall, Nikki T. (D-142)YeaNayNVExNIO
132Reeves, Albert T. (R-034)YeaNayNVExNIO
133Rhodes, Trey (R-120)YeaNayNVExNIO
134Rice, Thomas R. (R-095)YeaNayNVExNIO
135Roberts, Jay H. (R-155)YeaNayNVExNIO
136Rogers, Carl W. (R-029)YeaNayNVExNIO
137Rogers, Terry A. (R-010)YeaNayNVExNIO
138Rutledge, Dale (R-109)YeaNayNVExNIO
139Rynders, Ed (R-152)YeaNayNVExNIO
140Scott, Sandra G. (D-076)YeaNayNVExNIO
141Setzler, Ed (R-035)YeaNayNVExNIO
142Sharper, Dexter L. (D-177)YeaNayNVExNIO
143Shaw, Jason (R-176)YeaNayNVExNIO
144Sims, Barbara W. (R-123)YeaNayNVExNIO
145Smith, Earnest G. (D-125)YeaNayNVExNIO
146Smith, Lynn R. (R-070)YeaNayNVExNIO
147Smith, Michael A. (D-041)YeaNayNVExNIO
148Smith, Richard H. (R-134)YeaNayNVExNIO
149Smyre, Calvin (D-135)YeaNayNVExNIO
150Spencer, Jason C. (R-180)YeaNayNVExNIO
151Stephens, Mickey (D-165)YeaNayNVExNIO
152Stephens, Ron (R-164)YeaNayNVExNIO
153Stephenson, Pamela S. (D-090)YeaNayNVExNIO
154Stovall, Valencia (D-074)YeaNayNVExNIO
155Stover, David J. (R-071)YeaNayNVExNIO
156Strickland, Brian (R-111)YeaNayNVExNIO
157Tankersley, Jan B. (R-160)YeaNayNVExNIO
158Tanner, Kevin K. (R-009)YeaNayNVExNIO
159Tarvin, Steve (R-002)YeaNayNVExNIO
160Taylor, Darlene K. (R-173)YeaNayNVExNIO
161Taylor, Thomas K. (R-079)YeaNayNVExNIO
162Teasley, Samuel K. (R-037)YeaNayNVExNIO
163Thomas, Erica R. (D-039)YeaNayNVExNIO
164Thomas, Mable (D-056)YeaNayNVExNIO
165Trammell, Robert T. (D-132)YeaNayNVExNIO
166Turner, Scot (R-021)YeaNayNVExNIO
167Vacant, (-055)YeaNayNVExNIO
168Waites, Keisha S. (D-060)YeaNayNVExNIO
169Watson, Sam L. (R-172)YeaNayNVExNIO
170Welch, Andrew J. (R-110)YeaNayNVExNIO
171Weldon, Thomas D. (R-003)YeaNayNVExNIO
172Werkheiser, William A. (R-157)YeaNayNVExNIO
173Wilkerson, David L. (D-038)YeaNayNVExNIO
174Wilkinson, Joe B. (R-052)YeaNayNVExNIO
175Willard, Wendell K. (R-051)YeaNayNVExNIO
176Williams, Al (D-168)YeaNayNVExNIO
177Williams, Chuck (R-119)YeaNayNVExNIO
178Williams, Coach (D-087)YeaNayNVExNIO
179Williamson, Bruce (R-115)YeaNayNVExNIO
180Yates, John P. (R-073)YeaNayNVExNIO