What is "Alternative Preparation"?

The Metro RESA Alternative Preparation Program is:

  • a classroom-based teacher preparation option for individuals who have the basic qualifications to teach.
  • an alternative option for individuals who hold a bachelors degree or higher but who did not complete teacher education requirements as part of their degree programs and have never been certified in any state.
  • an intense internship/induction program that
    • seeks to equip teacher-candidates with the skills to ensure a reasonable expectation of initial success in their classrooms.
    • puts in place a supervised internship/induction program that will help teacher-candidates move toward subsequent mastery of teaching.
  • approved, employed candidates in the GaTAPP program are classified as "highly qualified" or "HiQ" per Georgia Title IIA guidelines developed by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (updated 2010).

Applicants should understand:

  • Metro RESA only provides training for the GA TAPP Program.
  • Metro RESA is NOT able to guarantee applicants who have completed the eligibility requirements a position in schools.   Metro RESA supports area school systems by screening potential teacher candidates who want to pursue an alternative route to teacher certification.
  • A related degree is required for our program (the only exceptions to this rule are Special Education and Early Childhood Education).
  • The information found on this site is only applicable to the certification programs available through Metro RESA.

Overview Comprehensive GA TAPP Program

Program Overview

Steps for Eligibility GA TAPP

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Payment Information

 Elementary One Year Add-On


Contact information:

General GaTAPP Information: Stacy Baron, Administrative Assistant: stacy.baron@mresa.org

Mary Moseley, EdD; Program Coordinator



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