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Have you been offered employment with a Georgia school system and you want to enroll in Oconee RESA Georgia TAPP? If yes, please refer to the checklist below and submit to Oconee RESA a completed GATAPPApplicationPackage  and we will enroll you in Oconee RESA's Georgia TAPP.


GATAPP Application Checklist

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an Accredited Institution. 
    You must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. (Official transcripts must be submitted with the TAPP application or accessible from the GaPSC website; otherwise, application will not be processed.)
  • Pass GACE Program Admission Assessment or provide exemption report. To register, http://gace.ets.org/

    GACE Program Admission Exemptions: 
  • GACE Exemption:SAT score report
    Mark one:
         oScore reports dated on or after 7/1/19 - 1080 on Evidence based Reading/Writing and Math
         oScore reports dated prior to 7/1/19 - 1000 on Verbal/Critical Reading, and Math (Note that this is the 
           previous SAT title used prior to March 2016), OR
         o1000 on Evidence based Reading/Writing and Math(Note that this is current SAT title as of March 2016).
          For recentering SAT scores, click link https://www.gapsc.com/EducatorPreparation/Assessment/SATRecentering.aspx
  • GACE Exemption: ACT score report (combined English and math score of 43+)
  • GACE Exemption: GRE score report (combined verbal combined score 1030 before Aug. 1, 2011 or combined score 297 after Aug. 1, 2011
  • GACE Exemption: Passed Praxis I
  • Completed Ethics Entry Assessment 350 (Provide a copy of certificate of completion or accessible from the GaPSC website)
    To register, go to http://gace.ets.org
  • Candidate must have been offered employment with a school district for at least half day
    If you have not secured a teaching position but are interested in becoming a teacher, click  HERE
  • Submit to Oconee RESA the Candidate Application.
  • Submit to Oconee RESA the District Assurances form.

Candidate Application

District Assurance


Options to Satisfy Program Admission Requirement
(Updated: 7/22/19 from GaPSC Website)

If you are teaching at Savannah-Chatham County Public School and want to enroll in Oconee RESA GATAPP, click HERE.



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