Kurt (Kurt) Huffman (R-SH43)
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Capitol: 303.866.2936
FAX: 303.866.2218
District: 303.905.1568
Colorado House of Representatives
Room 307 Colorado State Capitol 200 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

District Office:
200 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
Elected: 06/17/2022    Next Election: 2022
Spouse: Juie   
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Over the last fifty years I have had the privilege of calling Colorado home. I've lived in Boulder, Denver, and Jefferson Counties, but for the last twenty-five years, Highlands Ranch has been our home. My wife Julie and I have been happily married for 34 years and both of us were born in Ohio Amish communities. We were raised on traditional home-town values that emphasized the importance of a strong educational foundation. Team-work and problem solving skills are cornerstones of our relationship and today we both hold multiple advanced degrees. I attribute our success to the core values instilled in me throughout my life and I am humbled to live in a country that allows extraordinary opportunities regardless of my small town roots. The educational, medical, and business struggles in my life have greatly shaped my view of the future, how I conduct business, and how I conduct my life, but, most importantly, these struggles have unwaveringly solidified my faith in God. At ten years of age, I was failing out of the Boulder County Public School system. I later learned that I had a learning disability leaving me unable to read and it was predicted that I would be unlikely to graduate high school. At the time (and even today) the public school system was not designed to assist struggling students. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Denver Academy. As a result, today I hold advanced degrees in engineering, management, and business but I could not have achieved these feats alone without the support of my family and wife. This struggle not only changed my future educational and career options but formed my philosophy that life struggles are simply new opportunities. For example, thirty years ago I was diagnosed with incurable Leukemia and given mere months to live but I never gave up hope. The statistics were clear, I had a 1-100,000 chance of finding a suitable bone marrow donor, but determination paid off. A year later, I restarted my life with a new level of appreciation and an unmatched zest for life and the future. For me, this race is personal. As a small business owner, I understand first-hand the daily struggles that accompany the dream of an entrepreneur. As a student with a learning disability, I watched as my family struggled to navigate the maze of the red tape and pitfalls within our educational system. As a cancer patient, I fought to keep my rights and avenues open as I dealt with the unforgiving web of the medical and insurance systems. And as a community member, I have watched as government has shamed the voices of Coloradans across the state through fear, intentional misinformation, and endless emergency orders. This is why I am running for State Representative for House District 43. Through my personal opportunities, community volunteer experiences, and three sessions as a State Capitol Legislative Volunteer, I understand the weight and great responsibilities of a State Representative. As your next State Representative, I will Defend The Voice of Colorado, the rights of this state's constituents, and help restore legislation that drives new opportunities for students, small business, and families. I am ready to hit the ground running, will you join me? Thank you and God bless you!