Lisa (Lisa) Subeck (D-SH78)
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Capitol: 888.534.0078
FAX: 608.282.3678
District: 608.358.7090
Room 113 North State Capitol 2 East Main Street
Madison, WI 53702

District Office:
2 East Main Street
Madison, WI 53702
Elected: 2014    Next Election: 2024
DOB: 6/17/1971
Committee Assignments
MemberAssembly Committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care
MemberAssembly Committee on Energy and Utilities
MemberAssembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections
MemberAssembly Committee on Insurance
MemberAssembly Committee on Rules
MemberAssembly Committee on Assembly Organization
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Every child deserves a great education, from early childhood through college.

Lisa is a leader in efforts to expand access to quality childcare and early childhood education for all families. She works in the capitol to strengthen public education and to increase the state's investment in our neighborhood schools. She is a tireless supporter of the UW system and of initiatives like Bucky's Tuition Promise that make higher education accessible to all students, regardless of income.

Healthy communities are thriving communities.

As the ranking Democrat on the Health Committee, Lisa is leading the way on expanding BadgerCare and providing access to affordable health care for all Wisconsinites. Together with Governor Evers, she introduced the Less for Rx Act to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. As the author of the Abortion Rights Preservation Act and other women's health legislation, Lisa is the leader in the Assembly on reproductive rights.

Keeping our communities safe requires a balance of prevention and intervention.

Lisa has worked to prevent gun violence by introducing Safe Storage for Gun Safety legislation. She has authored bills to prohibit untraceable "ghost guns" and to prevent domestic abusers from having guns. Lisa has worked to close the background check loophole. She has also introduced legislation to address root causes, including the Wisconsin Opportunity Act to address poverty, budget initiatives investing in mental health and addiction treatment and in prevention. Lisa has worked to bring additional resources to the District Attorney's office and supported efforts by the Attorney General and local law enforcement to reduce crime.

A strong economy depends on a strong workforce.

Lisa has been at the forefront working to address Wisconsin's worker shortage and to ensure that our economy works for all Wisconsinites. She has introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage and to increase access to childcare and paid family leave. Lisa has also led efforts in the legislature to restore a union voice for staff at UW Hospitals and Clinics and has fought for bargaining rights for teachers and other public employees. We all depend on clean air and clean water.

As a member of the Great Lakes Legislative, Lisa has been active on multi-state task forces on nutrient pollutants in our lakes and on getting lead out of drinking water. She has introduced legislation as part of a collaborative Forward on Climate Initiative and has worked to address PFAS contamination in drinking water as an author of the CLEAR Act. Lisa has fought for funding for our state parks and for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship program. As the Ranking Democrat on the committee that reviews administrative rules, Lisa has fought back against attempts to undermine rules that hold polluters accountable, and as a member of the Energy and Utilities committee, she has worked to increase the use of clean and renewable energy sources.

Wisconsin needs a democracy that works.

The voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around. That is why Lisa has been a leader in the fight for fair maps and non-partisan redistricting reform. As a member of the Campaigns and Elections committee, she has been on the frontlines protecting our democracy from those who wish to tear it down in their efforts to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election. In the face of division and heightened tension, Lisa is working to unite us. She has introduced Money Out, Voters In legislation to get back money out of politics and the Campaign Integrity Act to ensure accountability, integrity, and transparency.