Sandy (Sandy) N. McGarry (R-SH044)
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Capitol: 803.212.6937
FAX: 803.734.2925
District: 954.821.4203
South Carolina House of Representatives
Room 404-A Blatt Building 1105 Pendleton Street
Columbia, SC 29201

District Office:
3423 Holden Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
Elected: 2020    Next Election: 2022
Spouse: William J.   DOB: 11/14/1961
Committee Assignments
MemberHouse Committee on Regulations and Administrative Procedures
MemberHouse Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs
Counties Representing


SERVING THE COMMUNITY Sandy choose to move here in 2006, to retire from the hectic world of S. Florida. Since 2009 she has been actively involved in the community, Joining the then TEA Party to awaken what she believed was an injustice by the Administration in DC.

In 2011 she was elected to serve as Chairwoman of the Lancaster County Republican Party. She has been extremely instrumental in assisting Lancaster County go from heavily Democratic to a Conservative base.

Being married to a line of duty-severely injured Police Officer and the mother of a Deputy, Sandy is a strong proponent of Public Safety. She is also Pro-Life and Pro 2nd Amendment. Those core issues, as well as her faith in God, will help guide her to become a strong voice for you! UNITED BY A COMMON GOAL Your candidate knows the value of being connected. That's why she's running for SC State House 44 in this year's election For too long we have not had a local voice in this District, one that truly cares what you think and is not using this position in Columbia simply as a stepping stone for a higher office .

These issues and the lack of communication is what called her to run. Sandy knows the common factor in being a true Representative is YOU, what you see, what you need, what you are missing. Remember, it's SANDY not Mandy GET INVOLVED The only way Sandy can't win this race is WITHOUT your help! Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve this together, as a TEAM.

It's not easy, for a non-politician to get the word out, to share their vision. That is why Grassroots are an extremely important part of any conservative Republican campaign. . Sharing why you think Sandy would be a good fit for District 44 is a must. Donating to help in the costs of mailers, emails, events, signs are a HUGE help to any candidate and one that would be appreciated by Sandy. Making phone calls within the District to spread the word is another huge assistance too. Putting flyers in paperboxes as the campaign gets closer to election is also a HUGE asset!