Kanika (Kanika) Brown (D-SH071)
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Capitol: 919.733.5777
FAX: 919.733.2599
District: 336.995.7661
North Carolina House of Representatives
Room 1317 Legislative Building 16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

District Office:
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
Elected: 2022    Next Election: 2024
Committee Assignments
MemberSubcommittee on General Government
MemberHouse Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control
MemberHouse Committee on Commerce
MemberJoint Legislative Oversight Committee on Economic Development and Global Engagement
MemberHouse Committee on Agriculture
MemberHouse Committee on Appropriations
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My name is Kanika Brown and I am running for State House Representative District 71. I am a proud mother of a child with autism, so I am very aware of the need for assistance for parents and/or caregivers of children with special needs. This is one of my main priorities! There is a tremendous need for additional funding for resources for this population! I will continue to fight for you for this cause. As a former teacher's assistant, I am very aware of the hard work teachers put in every day. I will continue to advocate for an increase in teachers' pay. Teachers deal with a lot from students, parents, and administration at their schools. I will always have a heart for teachers and stand with them when it comes to pay increases. I will continue to fight for veterans and seniors for better resources, healthcare, and affordable housing. I will fight for all of our initiatives from education, economic development, healthcare, jobs, small business development, disability, housing, women's rights, animal rights, and the environment. Thank you for your support District 71 it is time to "Tool Up". My name is Kanika Brown. I lead the Morningside/Reynolds Park Road Neighborhood Association. In 1985 I was privileged to mentored by one amazing woman, My Aunt Julie Hunter! I remember being ten years old, coming home from school to work with her on community organizing events. She sparked a passion in me, as she shared the importance of helping people in our community develop. We marched, hung signs, and met people where they were. It was through these memories that I saw that education is not only gained at school but in your community. This community training element developed my character and build incredible confidence.

RESILIENCY I credit my parents who instilled "Resiliency" in me. To serve others and to help them reach their goals, requires the ability to stand tall when challenges surface. I learned intangible skills from both leaders, as my mother worked at the Sara Lee textile plant and my father was the supervisor for city custodians. Two words stick out in my life when I think of them and they are "Faith and Grit". Both managed to help me view perspectives from their careers. My mom taught me attention to detail as a textile worker, and my dad taught me that every job is important. He reminded me that he was not just a janitor, but he was the person responsible to keep people healthy at work! The result of my upbringing is what I will bring to district 71, which is "Work Ethic." I know what it means and to complete my projects and the accountability that means to those who I will serve.

In 2017, I met a woman who changed my life, Mrs. Jackie Teal. She was the president for the Morningside Neighborhood association. What I noticed from the outside looking in, was that the community was not sharing nor supporting. Community participation is needed to help schools and community centers thrive to support our youth. She said "that many people join and then leave, which creates leadership gaps." Well, that is where my passion and work ethic kicked in. Leveraging my skill sets working in Labs/autopsy at Baptist Hospital, and LabCorp became intangible. Examining organizations requires the same attention to detail and critical thinking as working in a specialized field. I was ready for the challenge to become President of Morningside/Reynolds Park Association. I began forming teams and launching teams! I partnered with Mr. Brian McCorkle of the Reynolds Park Association, and The Josh Howard Foundation to create youth participation strategies. We were able to deploy community resources to Forest Park Elementary School, created grass roots campaigns, and united people of all cultures. We also created programs for seniors and adults.