David (David) A. Bennett (D-SH020)
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Capitol: 401.480.4647
FAX: 401.222.4795
District: 401.737.0562
State House 82 Smith Street
Providence, RI 02903-1105

District Office:
27 Shippee Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886
Elected: 2010    Next Election: 2024
Spouse: Ann   DOB: 4/8/1955
Committee Assignments
ChairmanHouse Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
MemberHouse Committee on Judiciary
MemberHouse Committee on Health and Human Services
Counties Representing
Kent / Providence


About David Thank you for taking a look at my web site and considering voting for me. These have been a tough couple of years for a lot of us in Warwick, and the General Assembly is not leading us in the right direction. I decided to run for State Representative to be a voice for the hardworking families of our city.

To help you understand why I decided to run, I want to tell you a little bit about my background. My father was a truck driver for nearly all of his life. He delivered oil for Petro Petroleum in the winter, and asphalt for MP Ahearn in the summer, and he was a member of the Teamsters Local 251. My mother stayed at home in order to raise us and as the youngest of six kids, I can tell you that her days were just as hard as his.

From my parents, I learned the value of honest hard work and the importance of having friends and loved ones that you can rely on. We stood up for each other and as we grew up we learned to respect our differences. I went to Apponaug Elementary School, Lockwood Junior High School, and then I spent two years at Veterans Memorial High School before transferring to Tollgate High when it first opened.

My parents always emphasized the importance of education, which is why I decided to pursue an Associate's Degree at RI Junior College in Education & Social Services. I then worked and received my Bachelor's in Psychology from RIC before becoming a Registered Nurse through courses at CCRI. Along the way, I worked in health care for ten years as an orderly at Kent Hospital and then as a surgeon's assistant at Tollgate Orthopedics for almost twenty years. For the last nine years I have been an RN at Butler Hospital.

I still live in the house that I grew up in. Today I share my home with my wife Ann, our adopted 10 year-old daughter Giana, our dog Snowball and our cat Gee Gee.

I am a parent who is concerned about our schools and ensuring our children get the best education possible. I believe Warwick will continue to be a great place to raise a family.

I am a nurse who wants more Rhode Islanders, children to seniors, to have better access to affordable, quality, heathcare. We all know the value of primary preventative care. We need to do more to help people stay well and avoid expensive hospitalization.

I am an outdoorsman who believes we face many challenges in our state, but none are more important than preserving the Bay and all of its resources.

I am a citizen who believes in protecting our community, keeping our property taxes down, and creating the jobs we need.

I am running to be a voice for the hardworking people in Warwick and Rhode Island who are so often ignored. I respectfully ask for your vote in the general election on Tuesday, November 2nd. I feel lucky to have grown up here in Warwick and I know that we can work together to continue making our city and state a place that we are proud to call home.

If you have any questions about my candidacy, please write to rep-bennett@rilin.state.ri.us or call me at 401-737-0562. If you would like to get involved, check the "Join Us" page, or give us an email or a call. I also hope to hear your concerns as I go door-to-door.

David A. Bennett, R.N.