Senate Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate

Room 1027 Legislative Building
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
919.733.7928 FAX: 919.715.2880
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ChairmanRabon, Bill R-08Raleigh
MemberBallard, Deanna R-45Raleigh
MemberBlue, Dan D-14Raleigh
MemberChaudhuri, Jay J.D-15Raleigh
MemberClark, Ben D-21Raleigh
MemberDaniel, Warren R-46Raleigh
MemberDavis, Don D-05Raleigh
MemberEdwards, Chuck R-48Raleigh
MemberFitch, Milton F.D-04Raleigh
MemberHarrington, Kathy R-43Raleigh
MemberHise, Ralph R-47Raleigh
MemberJackson, Brent R-10Raleigh
MemberJohnson, Todd R-35Raleigh
MemberKrawiec, Joyce R-31Raleigh
MemberLowe, Paul A.D-32Raleigh
MemberMcInnis, Tom R-25Raleigh
MemberNewton, Paul R-36Raleigh
MemberPerry, Jim R-07Raleigh
MemberSanderson, Norman W.R-02Raleigh
MemberWaddell, Joyce D-40Raleigh
MemberWoodard, Mike D-22Raleigh