Congressional Caucus to Cure Blood Cancers and Other Blood Disorders

Room 2311 RHOB- Rayburn House Office Building
50 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20515-0506
202.225.7163 FAX: 202.225.0566

Federal Caucus MemberAderholt, Robert B.R-h04Tuscumbia
Co-ChairBilirakis, Gus R-h12Tarpon Springs
Federal Caucus MemberCicilline, David D-h01Pawtucket
Federal Caucus MemberConnolly, Gerry D-h11Fairfax
Federal Caucus MemberDeFazio, Peter D-h04Coos Bay
Federal Caucus MemberDeLauro, Rosa L.D-h03New Haven
Federal Caucus MemberJohnson, Hank D-h04Decatur
Federal Caucus MemberLong, Billy R-h07Joplin
Federal Caucus MemberMaloney, Carolyn B.D-h12Astoria
Co-ChairMatsui, Doris D-h06Sacramento
Federal Caucus MemberPingree, Chellie D-h01Portland
Federal Caucus MemberSchakowsky, Jan D-h09Chicago
Federal Caucus MemberYarmuth, John D-h03Louisville