House Subcommittee on Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture

Room HVC-304 The Capitol Visitors Center

Washington, DC 20515-6415
202.225.7690 FAX: 202.226.5068
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ChairmanKelly, Trent R-h01Oxford
Rk MinorityHoulahan, Chrissy D-h06West Chester
Federal Committee MemberCrawford, Rick R-h01Jonesboro
Federal Committee MemberCrow, Jason D-h06Aurora
Federal Committee MemberFitzpatrick, Brian R-h01Langhorne
Federal Committee MemberGarcia, Mike R-h27Santa Clarita
Federal Committee MemberSpanberger, Abigail D-h07Fredericksburg
Federal Committee MemberWenstrup, Brad R-h02Chillicothe