2020 Cartels, Gangs, and Human/Narcotic Trafficking Conference

Start Time/Date: 8:30 AM Monday, February 17, 2020
End Time/Date: 5:00 PM Thursday, February 20, 2020
ADDRESS: Georgia Public Safety Training Center
1000 Indian Springs Dr
CITY: Forsyth, GA 31029

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Additional Event Information

The Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia and the Georgia Public Safety Training Center is pleased to offer 2020 Cartels, Gangs, and Human/Narcotic Trafficking Conference on Monday, February 17, 2020 - Thursday, February 20, 2020. The training will be held at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. Training will begin at 8:30 AM on Monday and conclude on Thursday. With questions, contact PAC Training at training@pacga.org. 

Registration fee: There is no fee for attending this  course and no funding available for reimbursements. Therefore, there  will be no lodging, meal or mileage reimbursement for attending this  course.

Program Topics

Mexican Cartels - Attendees will become familiar with the predominant Cartels and their structure, leadership and alliances. An analysis of the drug wars of the Cartels, the violence in Mexico, as well as the spill-over violence occurring in the United States. The attendees will become more aware of the operations of the Mexican Cartels and their criminal activity including drug trafficking, and human trafficking and the violence associated with the Cartels in Mexico and in their communities throughout the United States. Conducting investigations involving the Cartels in Money Laundering and Conspiracies will also be discussed.

Patron Saints of the Mexican Underworld - Drug and human traffickers, gang members and other criminals involve the spiritual world in their trade for protection from law enforcement. This intensive course will include information on various legitimate and illegitimate saints and icons used by criminals. Several significant arrests, as well as drug and money seizures throughout the country have been attributed to this course, including the clearing of a cold-case murder investigation.

Narcocorridos - (Music of the Cartels) Narcocorridos are Mexican ballads glamorizing the different Mexican Cartels and the violence associated with their business. The course will include the history and evolution of the Mexican Narcocorridos as well as an analysis of the most popular Narcocorridos. There will also be discussion on the musicians who are performing the Narcocorrido music in the United States.

Hotel and Motel Investigations - Hotels and motels are used for a variety of criminal activity, including; drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, as well as other criminal activity, including their use by the 911 Terrorists. This course will present an overview of how to select investigators, meet and sell to hotel/motel managers, presentation to hotel/motel staff, surveillance techniques, conducting knock and talks, as well as how to conduct room searches.

Stash House Investigations - This presentation will address the use of houses and other locations for the concealment of larger quantities of narcotics and money, as well as their use in human trafficking and other criminal activity. Instruction will be provided in identifying stash houses and providing training to various sources throughout the community on recognizing and reporting stash houses

Who Should Attend?
All state, local, and federal law enforcement officers, investigators, supervisors and administrators, as well as state and federal probation and parole officers who investigate Mexican Cartels and Gangs and other criminals involved in drug and human trafficking. Others who should attend include all state and federal prosecutors, correction officers, private detention officers, as well as crime analysts.

CLE/POST: CLE and POST credit hours are pending. Amount will be updated soon.