8th Edition Sentencing Guideline Training for Prosecutors: Web Based Training

Start Time/Date: 12:00 AM Wednesday, November 1, 2023
End Time/Date: 11:59 PM Thursday, October 31, 2024
ADDRESS: Web Based Training

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8th Edition Sentencing Guideline Training for Prosecutors


Kelly Callihan, Esquire
Executive Director
Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association

Kelly Lloyd, Esquire
Deputy District Attorney
Montgomery County District Attorney's Office
Course Description

The new Sentencing Guidelines (8th edition) are dramatically different. Every judge will be required to use them for crimes occurring on or after January 1, 2024. This training will highlight the monumental changes and guide prosecutors on new methods for calculating prior record score and evaluating if prior convictions or juvenile adjudications have lapsed. You will become familiar with the expanded offense gravity score categories and learn how to incorporate appropriate enhancements when determining standard, aggravated, and mitigated sentencing ranges. Discussion of new policy recommendations for sentencing judges to consider when imposing consecutive vs. concurrent sentences, length of probation and departures from the standard range, will prepare you to respond to defense arguments and better represent victims and the Commonwealth at sentencing hearings.


This free Web Based Training is available to all members of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association from November 1, 2023 through October 31, 2024. Submit your email address above to register today.

How to Watch

Please refer to your confirmation email for the link to watch this presentation. Please do not wait until the last day to watch the video. Too many people watching the video at one time will slow the video and affect the quality of your viewing experience. The link to the video will be disabled on the morning of November 1, 2024.


This web based training is worth 1 Substantive credit. You must watch the entire presentation to receive credit. Partial credit will not be given. To receive credit, you must fill out a digital CLE form. The link to fill out this form is included in your confirmation email. If you need assistance filling out this form, please don't hesitate to call Támara Heagy at 717-238-5416.

CLE Submission Dates

Digital CLE forms will be collected and submitted once per month. Deadlines for CLE forms are as follows:

  • November 17, 2023
  • December 15, 2023
  • January 26, 2024
  • February 23, 2024
  • March 22, 2024
  • April 26, 2024
  • May 24, 2024
  • June 21, 2024
  • July 26, 2024
  • August 30, 2024
  • September 27, 2024
  • October 31, 2024

If you have a compliance date within the deadlines listed above, please be sure to submit your digital CLE form the month PRIOR to your compliance date in order for it to be submitted on time.

Don’t see your credits listed even though you filled out a form? Please call Támara Heagy at 717-238-5416.

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