2020 SCOPA Annual Meeting

Start Time/Date: 7:00 AM Thursday, August 20, 2020
End Time/Date: 11:00 AM Sunday, August 23, 2020

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Additional Event Information

SCOPA's 113th Annual Meeting - August 20 - 23, 2020
LIVE STREAMING Continuing Educatin
19 hours of COPE Approved CE Available
This meeting has been approved by ARBO and since the lectures will still be given live, this meeting will be recognized by ARBO as a live meeting.   
The Speaker Line up 
 Wednesday, August 19th . . . . .  Dr. Will Smith
Adventures at the VA (Smith) 
*A Painful Practice (Smith) SC Controlled Substance requirement approved by SCBEO - additional registration required.
Thursday, August 20th . . . . .  Dr. Marc Bloomentstein
Cases from your Phone: Avoiding Perils of Telemedicine
Cataract and Refractive Surgery: "Who Runs Barter Town?"
Off Label is Not Off Limits
Friday, August 21st . . . . .  Dr. Marc Bloomenstein
Pain Management in Optometric Practice
Can you look at my Lid?
Saturday, August 22nd . . . . .  Drs. Marc Bloomenstein and James Hill
Cornell Dystrophies and Degenerations:  An OD's Guide (Bloomenstein)
If not Primary then Secondary Glaucoma: What you need to know (Bloomensteim)
An ODs Guide to Optic Nerve Swelling (Hill) 
Sunday, August 23rd . . . . .  Drs. Thomas Weshefsky and James Hill
The Myopia Epidemic and What It Really Means (Weshefsky)
Myopia Control Protocols, What Really Works and Why: Part 1 Ortho K (Weshefsky)
Myopia Control Protocols, What Really Works and Why: Part 2 Multifocals and Atropine (Weshefsky)
Vision Rehabilitation of Patients with Stroke and TBI (Hill) 
If you have any questions about how these hours will be counted towards relicensure, please contact your state licensing board.
For SC doctors, for questions about relicensure please contact the SC Board of Examiners in Optometry (SCBEO).  Meredith Buttler is the administrator and she can be reached by calling 803-896-4625 or via e-mail at meredith.buttler@llr.sc.gov.  The SCBEO board of directors will be meeting on August 5th and the subject of continuing education will be on the agenda for discussion. 

South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association
2730 Devine Street
Columbia SC 29205
803-799-6721 or 877-799-6721
FAX 803-799-1064