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HB 2307 - Continuing high school; continuing study

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Sponsor: Michelle Udall
Last Action: 3/25/2019 - Senate HEWD Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (6-0-1-0)
House Committee: Rules
Senate Committee: Rules
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Staff Analysis of the Legislation

This bill establishes a continuing high school program (Program) to provide an alternative education option for adult learners, to be administered by the State Board of Education (SBE). Students enrolled in the program may earn a high school diploma or workforce skills credentials if they meet all graduation requirements and CTE requirements as currently outlined in statute and rule.

The program will provide public education through partnerships with approved service providers, which must be non-profit organizations with at least a ten-year history of providing services in Arizona to students at least 18 years old with educational disadvantages, disabilities, and challenges.

The continuing high school program must meet all requirements for a public school, including requirements for student assessments, special education services, and admission discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, income, disability, English proficiency, or athletic ability.

The program is not eligible for transportation funding, but is eligible to receive base support level fundng and additional assistance in the same manner as a school district or charter school.

Limits enrollment to:

Not more than 350 total ADM in FY21

Not more than 700 total ADM in FY22

Not more than 1,750 total ADM in FY23 and each year thereafter.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is responsible for developing an appplication that meets certain criteria outlined in the bill.

Allows the SBE to adjust the ADM allocated to individual service providers of the Program based on the previous year's enrollment, strong demand for new enrollment or changes in the facilities where the Program is operated.  

SBE is responsible for evaluating applications and approving a provider for two school years.

Pending student progresson, graduation rates, and earning of industry-recognized credentials, SBE may renew agreements with a provider for no more than four school years.

Requires annual reporting to ADE from approved providers.

Specifies that a charter school must be a nonprofit to partner with an approved service provider.

Prohibits continuing high school programs from being eligible for online instruction funding. 

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Continuing high school; continuing study


Continuing high school; continuing study

Introduction Date:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019