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SB 1264 - Arizona community schools pilot program

Tracking Level: Support
Sponsor: David Bradley
Last Action: 3/27/2019 - House APPROP Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (6-5-0-0-0-0)
Senate Committee: Rules
House Committee: Rules

Staff Analysis of the Legislation

SB1264- Arizona community schools pilot program

The bill establishes a 3-year Arizona community schools pilot program in the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to assist three public elementary and/or middle schools with an enrollment of at least 400 students each on development and implementation of community school plans.

Defines “community school” as a public elementary or middle school that:

1.       Partners with one or more community-based organizations to coordinate academic, social and health services to reduce barriers to learning and improve quality of education.

2.       Offers a variety of programs and services that may include the following:

a.       Early childhood education.

b.       After school and summer school enrichment programs.

c.       College and career preparation.

d.       Service-learning opportunities, such as internships or community service programs.

e.       Leadership and mentoring programs.

f.        Activities to encourage community and parent engagement in students’ education.

g.       Parenting classes and health and social services, including services provided by social workers.

States ADE shall award 3-yeargrants, not to exceed the following each academic year:

1.       $60,000 for salary and benefits of a full-time community school coordinator.

2.       $25,000 for development and implementation of a community school plan.

Requires a school to demonstrate commitment to participation in the pilot by:

1.       Establishing a team composed of school officials and community representatives to function as the campus decision making committee; and

2.       Forming a partnership with a community-based organization that has experience in implementing a community school plan.

3.       Developing and implementing a plan for sustaining the community school plan beyond the end of the pilot.

Allows a grant to be extended for one year by application to the governor.

Requires any school that participates in the pilot to have an employee designated to serve full time as the community school coordinator, and specifies the following duties:

1.       Recruiting partners and building community support.

2.       Coordinating the following:

a.       Partnership team planning and training activities,

b.       Planning and evaluation efforts between school and community partners,

c.       Academic, student, and family support programs,

d.       After school, summer and enrichment programs.

3.       Encouraging community engagement.

4.       Seeking available resources for implementing community school programs and services.

5.       Conducting with an annual needs assessment of the school in coordination with the partnership team.

6.       Acting as a liaison between their school and the surrounding schools and community partners.

7.       Developing a plan for sustaining their model after the pilot program ends.

Allows a school to seek help from other schools or assistance providers in developing a community school plan.

Requires governing board or charter school governing body approval of a community school plan prior to implementation.

Mandates if selected, a participating school must:

1.       Hold a community meeting at least twice a year to inform community stakeholders about the school’s progress in implementation and seek input regarding any improvements or changes that could be made.

2.       Annually report to the district governing board the schools implementation progress.

Prohibits the use of grant funds for direct programs for students or families, or for other activities not related to developing and implementing a community school plan.

Allows ADE to use additional federal monies allocated for community schools programs to supplement the pilot, and allows participating schools to seek additional public and private funds.

Repeals the Pilot Program on January 1, 2023

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Arizona community schools pilot program


Arizona community schools pilot program

Introduction Date:

Wednesday, January 30, 2019