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SB 1456 - Vision screening; schools; appropriation

Tracking Level: Oppose
Sponsor: Sylvia Allen
Last Action: 6/7/2019 - Chapter 316
Senate Committee: Rules
House Committee: Rules

Staff Analysis of the Legislation

This bill requires schools to provide vision screening services to:
      a) students in grades prescribed by Department of Health Services (DHS) rules
      b) students who have not been screened in the last year and are receiving or being considered for          special education services
      c) students who have not been screened in the last year and whose teacher has made a request
          for the student to be screened
      d) students who are not reading at grade level by the third grade, if screening is not required
          in third grade under DHS rules.

Requires a school nurse, volunteer or other school personnel who has undergone training to
administer the vision screenings.

Prohibits a vision screening from satisfying a requirement for a medical professional to complete a vision screening of a child according to established guidelines for pediatric care.

Requires the school governing body to:
      a) provide the vision screening results to the parent or guardian of a student who has not
          passed a vision screening within 45 days
      b) comply with all applicable privacy laws.

Requires the vision screening results of a student who has not passed a vision screening to:
      a) identify that the student did not pass the vision screening and the need for a comprehensive
         eye and vision examination
      b) state that a vision screening is not equivalent to a comprehensive eye and vision

Requires the school governing body providing vision screening services to provide annual data
submissions that comply with student privacy laws to DHS.

Stipulates that a student is not required to submit to any vision screening if:
      a) the student's parent or guardian objects and submits a statement of the objection to the
      b) the student has a current diagnosis of permanent vision loss.

Allows DHS to:
      a) develop and provide vision screening training to school nurses, volunteers or other school
      b) provide schools with materials necessary for conducting vision screenings
      c) compile the school vision screening data, excluding all individual identifying information,
          for review and analysis by other interested parties.

Requires DHS to adopt rules to carry out the vision screening for children.

Prohibits DHS rules from requiring materials or equipment specific to any one provider.

Requires DHS rules to include feedback from any public education programs required to
implement the vision screenings.

Requires DHS to consult with ADE to adopt rules relating to vision screening services in

Appropriates $100,000 from the state GF in FY20 to DHS for child vision screening and
services, including to purchase vision screening kits if monies are available.


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Vision screening; schools; appropriation


Vision screening; schools; appropriation

Introduction Date:

Tuesday, February 5, 2019