Legislation Assigned to the House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/27/2023

HB 0395 EvaluatingRequire Local Law Enforcement to Immediately Open an Investigation of Missing Veterans Sandra Scott
2/22/2019 House Second Readers Defense and Veterans Affairs --
2019/02/22 Report Debra Nesbit Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
This legislation requires law enforcement agencies to immediately open an investigation of missing veterans who have a physical or mental injury as a result of their service.
HB 0767 WatchCreation of Commission on Veterans Suicide Prevention Sandra Scott
1/16/2020 House Second Readers Defense and Veterans Affairs --
Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services
This legislation creates a Commission on Veteral Sucide Prevention.
HR 1166 NeutralAugusta, City of; Richmond County; support creation of a state veterans cemetery Brian Prince
6/22/2020 House - House Committee Favorably Reported Defense and Veterans Affairs --
Local Legislation
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