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Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/10/2021

HB 0262 NeutralAddition of a Circumstance of Death in which the Coroner or Medical Examiner is Authorized to Investigate Sheila Nelson
2/14/2019 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2019/02/15 Report Coroners/Medical Examiners Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services Public Safety and Courts
This legislation adds a circumstance of death in a compensated care setting to the list of circumstances in which the coroner or medical examiner is authorized to conduct an investigation.
HB 1099 OpposeCoroners - Provide a Hefty Raise and Treat as Constitutional Officers Danny Mathis
3/9/2020 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2020/03/06 Report Compensation Coroners/Medical Examiners General County Government Personnel/Employment
Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This legislation mandates pay raises for coroners.  It first removes the current statutory restriction that there be only one deputy coroner and authorizes the coroner to set the deputy coroner's salary at one-half the coroner's salary, or at one-quarter of the coroner's salary plus a fee of $250 for each case worked.  It then sets up a state-mandated base pay scale and throws in a substantial raise - similar to what's in statute for constitutional officers.  This is in addition to the COLAs coroners have received commensurate to state employee pay increases.  To boot, the office or coroner shall be a full-time position, and the county governing authority shall provide the coroner the same employment benefits it provides other constitutional officers.               
SB 0154 NeutralCoroner's Training Council - Allow Outside Parties to wage Complaints on their Conduct Steve Gooch
7/1/2019 Effective Date Governmental Affairs Judiciary -
Coroners/Medical Examiners General County Government Todd Edwards
This bill revises the Georgia Coroner's Training Council, authorizing the council to review complaints from outside parties and make recommendations concerning the retention, suspension, or removal of a coroner from her or his position.    
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