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Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0878 NeutralAllow Local Government to Adopt Ordinances and Resolutions Regarding Possession of Less than an Ounce of Marijuana Spencer Frye
2/5/2020 House Second Readers Judiciary - Non-Civil --
2020/02/07 Code Enforcement Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit General County Government
Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
 This legislation enables local jurisdictions to adopt ordinances or resolutions pertaining to criminal charges for possession of marijuana less than one ounce.
HB 0980 OpposeAnother Local Land Use Preemption - PadSplit Free-for-All Teri Anulewicz
2/24/2020 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2020/02/28 Report Code Enforcement General County Government Land Use/Zoning Todd Edwards
This legislation preempts local government land use practices by redefining "family" in state law, mandating an opening in local zoning codes to permit all forms of co-housing, boarding houses and student housing in single-family neighborhoods statewide.  It would supersede all local ordinances and redefine "family" to include any group of people, of any size, living together.  ACCG believes that local governments should be able to define family for residential areas in order to protect the integrity of single family neighborhoods.   
HB 1008 NeutralResidential Industrial Buildings - Allow to Have Permanent Metal Chassis Joe Campbell
1/1/2021 Effective Date Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Economic Development and Tourism -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/06 Report 2020/03/13 Report 2020/06/19 Report Code Enforcement
General County Government Land Use/Zoning Todd Edwards
Current law prohibits "factory built buildings and dwelling units" from having permanent metal chassis.  This bill allows these homes to have permanent metal chassis; however, these homes must still be affixed to a permanent load-bearing foundation.  Please contact Todd Edwards ( if you have any concerns with this bill.   
HB 1015 NeutralGeorgia Carbon Sequestration Registry Marcus Wiedower
3/13/2020 Senate Read and Referred Natural Resources and Environment Assignments -
Code Enforcement General County Government Kathleen Bowen Nat. Res. & the Environment
This legislation relates to the Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry. Specifically, the bill provides for the inclusion of construction building products on the registry and creates a Sustainable Building Material Carbon Sequestration Technical Advisory Committee.
SB 0445 SupportExtending Local Authority for Land Disturbance Permitting John Kennedy
7/29/2020 Effective Date Natural Resources and Environment Natural Resources and the Environment -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/13 Report 2020/06/19 Report Code Enforcement Kathleen Bowen
Land Use/Zoning Nat. Res. & the Environment Water Quality
This legislation would extend authority for permitting land disturbance activities to water and sewer authorities who are also responsible for stormwater management. An intergovernmental agreement with the governing authority of a county or municipality would be required. 
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