Business and Occupation Tax (2)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 4/8/2024

HB 0715 NegotiatingOccupation Tax - Eliminate Gross Receipts Method and "$400 Club" Shaw Blackmon
2/26/2020 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Ways and Means --
2020/02/21 Report 2020/02/28 Report Business and Occupation Tax Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance
This bill would eliminate the option of local governments to use a business's gross receipts as the basis for calculating occupation tax. The bill would also eliminate the provision that gives many professions the ability to play a flat $400 per professional instead of the normal occupation tax formula. These changes would not become effective until 2025.
HB 0807 NeutralOccupation Tax - Financial Information for Businesses in Multiple Jurisdictions Martin Momtahan
6/23/2020 Senate - Senate Read Second Time Ways and Means Finance -
2020/01/31 2020/02/21 Report 2020/03/13 Report Business and Occupation Tax Larry Ramsey
Revenue & Finance
 For businesses that operate in more than one jurisdiction and that are subject to a gross-receipts occupation tax, this bill would allow the submission of an affidavit from a CPA, rather than tax returns, regarding the proper allocation of gross receipts to the operations within each jurisdiction. The bill would also specify that regulatory fees must be used for funding the regulatory operations rather than general county operations. As amended in the Senate, the bill would clarify that local governments are not required to create separate accounts for such regulatory fees.
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