Legislation Sponsored by Mark Newton (1)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 11/22/2021

HB 0315 NeutralLocal Bids - Consultants Who Help Draft Must Disclose any Conflict of Interest Mark Newton
7/1/2019 Effective Date Governmental Affairs Government Oversight -
2019/02/15 Report 2019/02/22 Report 2019/03/01 Report 2019/03/08 Report 2019/03/15 Report
2019/03/22 Report 2019/03/29 Report General County Government Procurement Todd Edwards
This legislation requires consultants who help draft local governments' bid, proposal, procurement or purchasing specifications to disclose and detail whether they or their family have any possible conflicts of interest or financial interest with a firm who may respond to the bid/proposal.  There are exceptions for confidential economic development activities and economic development authorities, and while attorneys must disclose the existence of a conflict, they do not have to provide details.          
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