Legislation Sponsored by Sam Watson (9)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 4/22/2024

HB 0035 NeutralSales Tax Exemption on Poultry Diagnostic and Disease Monitoring Services Sam Watson
7/1/2019 Effective Date Ways and Means Finance -
2019/01/31 Report 2019/02/15 Report 2019/02/22 Report 2019/03/15 Report Larry Ramsey
This legislation exempts state and local sales tax on poultry diagnostic and disease monitoring services provided by a nonprofit 501(c)(5) organization.
HB 0104 NeutralInventory Tax Exemption on Boll Weevil Eradication Supplies Sam Watson
2/6/2019 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
2019/01/31 Report Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This bill would exempt from property taxes equipment (traps, lures, etc.) that are held in inventory for the purpose of eradication of boll weevils. The exemption would only apply to certain agricultural entities that are tax-exempt under federal law.
HB 0105 NeutralSales Tax Exemption - Ridesharing Sam Watson
8/5/2020 Effective Date Ways and Means Finance -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/06 Report 2020/03/13 Report 2020/06/19 Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation
Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local Transit
As introduced, this bill was limited to providing an income tax exemption for disaster relief payments associated with Hurricane Michael. As amended, the bill would exempt transportation services -- taxis, limos, and ridesharing such as Uber and Lyft -- from sales taxes, and replace that tax with a 50-cent per ride fee (25 cents for shared rides), subject to annual CPI adjustment. That fee would go to the state, with the stated intent that this money be used for transportation purposes, including transit; if not so appropriated, the fee would be reduced by 50% in the first year and repealed in the second such year. Because of constitutional limitations, the actual use of this money would be subject to the annual state budget process. Additionally, the bill would require that up to 10% of the state heavy-vehicle highway impact fee and $5/night fee on lodging be used for transit purposes.
HB 0194 NeutralMeigs, City of; provide new charter Sam Watson
4/30/2019 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Intern 1 Local Legislation
HB 0826 NeutralMeigs, City of; elections and terms of office; provide Sam Watson
6/29/2020 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Local Legislation
HB 1073 SupportCreation of Regional Development Authorities Sam Watson
3/13/2020 Senate Read and Referred Governmental Affairs Assignments -
2020/03/06 Report 2020/03/13 Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen
A recommendation from the 2019 report of the House Rural Development Council, this legislation allows for three to five contiguous counties to create a Regional Development Authority. Regional Development Authorities would be eligible for a newly created One Georgia Authority grant program aimed at funding primary care medical facilities. In addition, businesses located on property would qualify for a jobs tax credit (using the tier status of the lowest tier participating county.) 
HB 1122 EvaluatingRegional Commissions - Change Make Up of Council and Establish Executive Committee Sam Watson
6/20/2020 Senate - Senate Read Second Time Governmental Affairs Government Oversight -
2020/03/13 Report General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation significantly impacts the makeup of Regional Commission (RC) Councils.   Removed from the current council make up are the three residents appointed by the Governor; one appointment by the Lieutenant Governor; one appointment by the House Speaker; and the option for an RC to include additional members at its discretion.  In return, each County Commission in the region will appoint one nonpublic resident of their respective county.  Additionally, councils are no longer to establish committees as they see fit, but will have to appoint an executive committee comprising no less than five but no more than nine members.  The executive committee is charged with developing and overseeing the RC's budget and work program, nominate executive directors, oversee personnel policies, establish council committees and appoint committee members, and carry out other tasks assigned by the council.        
HB 1223 NeutralColquitt County; Airport Authority; modify provisions regarding qualifications, selection, terms, powers, officers, and duties of members Sam Watson
6/30/2020 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Local Legislation
HR 0214 SupportHouse Rural Development Council: Reauthorized Sam Watson
2/27/2019 House Passed/Adopted Economic Development and Tourism --
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen
This resolution reauthorizes the House Rural Development Council until December 31, 2020. All meeting notices and presentations from previous meetings can be found here.
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