Legislation Sponsored by Sharon Cooper (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/10/2021

HB 0345 NeutralProhibition of Shackling Female Inmates in Labor or Postpartum Sharon Cooper
10/1/2019 Effective Date Health and Human Services Health and Human Services -
2019/03/15 Report 2019/03/29 Report Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
This legislation prohibits the shackling of female inmates who are in labor, or in the immediate postpartum period unless they are a threat to themselves or others.  If the inmate is a threat to themselves or others they can only be handcuffed at the wrist in the front of their body, not behind the back.
HB 0760 WatchAuthorization for Additional Discretion for First Responders Transporting Mentally to Emergency Receiving Facility Sharon Cooper
1/16/2020 House Second Readers Public Safety and Homeland Security --
2020/01/17 Report Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services Law Enforcement
This legislation expands the jurisdiction of law enforcement to transport those believed to be in mental health crisis.
HB 0881 NeutralAddition of Ambulance Services to Locations Required to Become a Safe Place for Newborns Sharon Cooper
3/13/2020 Senate Read and Referred Health and Human Services Assignments -
2020/02/07 2020/03/13 Report Debra Nesbit EMS/Ambulance Fire Services
Health and Human Services Public Safety and Courts
This legislation requires that ambulance services become one the mandated locations for a Safe Place for Newborns.  All ambulances will be required to place a sign on their vehicles indicating that they are a Safe Place for Newborns.
HB 0909 NeutralIncrease in Age to Purchase Tobacco and Tobacco Related Objects, Vapor Products Sharon Cooper
2/19/2020 House Second Readers Judiciary - Non-Civil --
2020/02/07 Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
This legislation makes it a crime to sell any tobacco or tobacco related objects, vapor products or marijuana flavored programs to anyone under the age of 21.  The bill also sets up regulatory framework for those selling these products.
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