Legislation Assigned to the Senate H&HS Committee (5)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HB 0155 PassedHuman Resources, Department of; personal care home owners; criminal history; permit Willard,Wendell 49th
5/23/2007 House Date Signed by Governor Judy H&HS -
07. Juvenile Courts 13. Superior Court Clerks
HB 0535 PassedMental health; patient advocacy board; create Butler,Mark 18th
5/6/2008 House Date Signed by Governor H&HS H&HS -
SB 0061 PassedChild-Placing Agency; require petitioner to submit to a criminal history records check Mullis,Jeff 53rd
5/11/2007 Senate Date Signed by Governor Judy H&HS -
05. Superior Courts 07. Juvenile Courts
SB 0295 MonitorControlled Substances; active chemical ingredient in hallucinogenic plant Salvia divinorum A; unlawful to knowingly produce and manufacture Bulloch,John 11th
3/29/2007 House Second Readers JudyNC H&HS -
SR 1020 PassedSenate Sexual Exploitation of Minors Study Committee; create Unterman,Renee 45th
4/2/2008 Senate Passed/Adopted -H&HS -
06. State Courts 07. Juvenile Courts Criminal
Green background on status indicates a bill has been acted on the last recorded legislative day.