House Resolution (16)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/16/2018

HR 0008 MonitorJoint session; message from Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Jon Burns
1/10/2017 Senate Transmitted House --
HR 0009 MonitorAdjournment; relative to Jon Burns
1/10/2017 Senate - Senate Read and Adopted --
HR 0036 MonitorMedical cannabis; production and sale to certain individuals for medical usage; authorize - CA Allen Peake
1/24/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary Non-Civil -
06. Probate Courts Elections
HR 0037 MonitorSenate and House of Representatives; members; provide term limits - CA Michael Caldwell
1/24/2017 House Second Readers Rules -
HR 0340 MonitorUnited States Congress; legislation on policies for hemp and marijuana; consider Heath Clark
3/30/2017 House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Judiciary Non-Civil -
HR 0404 MonitorJoint Study Committee on Comprehensive Civil Rights Legislation; create Stacey Evans
2/27/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
HR 0432 MonitorGeneral Assembly; provide allocation of moneys derived from fees charged for deactivation of digital blocking capability; authorize - CA Paulette Braddock
3/1/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
HR 0483 MonitorGeorgia's Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923; April 1, 2017; recognize Roger Bruce
3/9/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
03. Superior Courts Local
HR 0511 MonitorState of Georgia; paramount right to life of all human beings; recognize - CA Sheri Gilligan
3/13/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
HR 0626 MonitorHouse Study Committee on Property Owners' Associations, Homeowners' Associations, and Condominium Associations; create Sam Teasley
3/16/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
HR 0687 MonitorHouse Study Committee on Court Surcharge Fees Related to DUI and Reckless Driving Offenses; create Penny Houston
3/30/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary Non-Civil -
HR 0689 MonitorHouse Study Committee on the Transfer of Probation Supervision in Misdemeanor Probation Cases; create Mack Jackson
3/30/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary Non-Civil -
06. Probate Courts Crimes
HR 0870 PassedAdjournment; relative to Jon Burns
1/11/2018 Senate - Senate Read and Adopted --
HR 0993 MonitorBusiness court; state-wide jurisdiction; create - CA Chuck Efstration
3/1/2018 Senate - Senate Read and Referred Judiciary Judiciary
09. All Courts
HR 1260 MonitorHouse Study Committee on Juvenile Court Judges; create Mandi Ballinger
3/15/2018 House - House Passed/Adopted Juvenile Justice -
05. Juvenile Courts
HR 1416 MonitorHouse Study Committee on Bail Reform; create Doreen Carter
3/9/2018 House - House Second Readers Public Safety and Homeland Security -
03. Superior Courts 04. State Courts 06. Probate Courts 07. Magistrate Courts 08. Municipal Courts
Criminal Justice Reform
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