Teachers (10)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/17/2024

HB 2002 OpposeEducators; ethics; professional responsibility Mark Finchem
4/25/2019 House - Assigned to House RULES Committee Rules --
Inactive Teachers
HB 2008 MonitorDuty to report; supervisor; administrator John Kavanagh
4/11/2019 Chapter 70 Rules Rules -
Miscellaneous Public Officials Signed Teachers
HB 2015 OpposeSchool employees; statements; employer discipline Kelly Townsend
2/21/2019 House JUD Committee action: Withdrawn, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Rules --
Inactive Teachers
HB 2032 OpposeEarly ballots; tabulation period Kelly Townsend
5/22/2019 Senate - Senate minority caucus: Do pass Rules Appropriations -
HB 2176 MonitorCollege credit by examination; payments Jeff Weninger
4/17/2019 Senate - Chapter 98 Rules Rules -
Revenue Signed Teachers
HB 2364 NeutralSchool supplies grants pilot program Ben Toma
3/11/2019 House third reading FAILED voting: (29-31-0-0) Rules --
Inactive School Finance Teachers
HB 2525 SupportExperienced teacher retention pilot program Randall Friese
3/18/2019 Senate HEWD Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (7-0-0-0) Rules Rules -
HCR 2026 SupportEnglish language education; requirements John Fillmore
5/27/2019 Senate - Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass Amended Rules Rules -
Local Control Miscellaneous Teachers
SB 1051 SupportHigh-quality teacher pilot program Sylvia Allen
3/6/2019 House APPROP Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (11-0-0-0-0-0) Rules Rules -
SB 1459 OpposeSchools; parental information; curricula Sylvia Allen
2/19/2019 Senate ED Committee action: Failed To Pass, voting: (4-4-0-0) -Rules -
Inactive Teachers
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