School Choice (9)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/17/2024

HB 2033 OpposeSchools; failing; underperforming; turnaround specialists John Fillmore
1/28/2019 House read second time Rules --
Inactive Local Control School Choice
HB 2094 NeutralSchools; online test preparation Thomas Shope
2/6/2019 House APPROP Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (9-2-0-0-0-0) Rules --
Inactive Local Control School Choice School Finance
HB 2184 SupportEnglish language learners; instruction; budgeting.. Michelle Udall
2/7/2019 House Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass Amended Rules --
Local Control School Choice
Mirror Bill- SB1014
HB 2307 MonitorContinuing high school; continuing study Michelle Udall
3/25/2019 Senate HEWD Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (6-0-1-0) Rules Rules -
Miscellaneous School Choice
SB 1073 NeutralSchool district consolidations Sylvia Allen
4/22/2019 Senate - Chapter 116 Rules Rules -
School Choice Signed
SB 1320 OpposeEmpowerment scholarships; oversight; state treasurer David Livingston
2/13/2019 Senate FIN Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (6-4-0-0) -Rules -
School Choice
SB 1394 MonitorCharter schools; training; information; procurement Kate Brophy McGee
5/15/2019 House - Assigned to House RULES Committee Rules Rules -
School Choice
SB 1395 OpposeEmpowerment scholarship accounts; program revisions Sylvia Allen
2/27/2019 Senate minority caucus: Do pass -Rules -
School Choice
SB 1545 SupportEmpowerment scholarships; qualified school. Rick Gray
5/24/2019 Senate - Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass -Rules -
School Choice
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