Zulma (Zulma) Lopez (D-086)

State Representative Zulma Lopez

Zulma (Zulma) Lopez (D-086)
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Capitol: 404.656.0298
FAX: 404.656.5644
District: 404.621.1878
Georgia House of Representatives
Room 608-B Coverdell Legislative Office Building 18 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334
3350 Northlake Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30345
Residence:Atlanta, GA

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My name is Zulma Lopez and I am running to represent Georgia House District 86. I am an immigration attorney with a successful law office in DeKalb County. My clients come from all walks of life, including single parents, married couples, military servicemen and servicewomen, and LGBTQ loving spouses. It is no coincidence that I was drawn to representing diverse families and working hard to achieve great results on their behalf, because I too experienced hardship while growing up in Puerto Rico. In the mid-1990s, my youngest sister was diagnosed with cancer. My mother, who worked as an accountant for an American company, and my step-father, a truck driver, soon moved to Boston seeking the best possible treatment. Armed with faith and health insurance, they left everything they knew, including good jobs and a home, to try their best to adapt to their new reality of living with a very sick child in an unknown city. As a result, I grew up fully understanding the importance of being able to obtain affordable health insurance. I will fight to make sure families have a chance of overcoming life's unexpected struggles. Back in Puerto Rico, my father and step-mother owned a bakery in our small town. They inspired my entrepreneurial spirit while teaching me that success is earned through hard work and a willingness to get the job done. In fact, my very first job was working as the cashier and taking trays of freshly baked bread out of an industrial size oven. When I was about to graduate from high school, my father lost his small business and became unemployed. My only affordable option was to attend the local community college. This is why I will strongly advocate to ensure that every resident in our district has the same opportunity I did to pursue a college education regardless of their financial means. By working part-time jobs, I was fortunate to be able to transfer to the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan at the end of my first two years of college. I then earned my bachelor's degree, and ultimately obtained my law degree in 2003. For these accomplishments, I credit my parents for having instilled in me their sense of resilience and perseverance, traits I carry with me still. The lessons I learned growing up frame everything I do, including my decision to run for office. Tough times require strong leadership. Trust me with your vote and let me be your voice at the Georgia State Capitol.

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First Elected: 2020    Next Election: 2022
Spouse: Dax   
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