Hurricane Season is Here!
Story Date: 6/6/2013

Forecasters are predicting a hurricane season that is much more active than usual, and it is critically important that pet owners understand their role in keeping their animals safe. As we all know, hurricanes can impact any part of North Carolina – from the coast to the mountains. All pet owners should be prepared to keep their pets safe before the storm as well as understand how to keep animals calm during a storm. Proper planning will help minimize extra stress during an emergency.

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association has prepared a podcast discussing how families can keep their pets safe during hurricane season. In the podcast, NCVMA members Dr. Mandy Tolson, southeastern region emergency programs veterinarian and NCVRC coordinator for NCDA&CS emergency programs, and Dr. Jimmy Tickel, northeastern regional emergency programs veterinarian for NCDA&CS programs, provide advice to help families prepare their pets for a hurricane before it hits as well as how to keep pets calm during and after a storm.


Dr. Tolson and Dr. Tickel offer the following tips for pet owners:


- Plan ahead. Make sure you know where you are going to go in the event of an evacuation, whether or not you can bring you pet, and where your pet will stay if you are going to be at a non-pet friendly location.


- Prepare an evacuation kit prior to notice of a storm. This should include everything that you and your pet will need for seven days, such as food and water, medical records, rabies certificates, a lease for each dog, a kennel for each pet, a photo of you with your animal to confirm ownership in the event of separation and comfort items.


- Have contact information for your veterinarian, animal control and county emergency management easily accessible for any emergencies or if your pet goes missing.


- Heed the instructions from your county emergency management. Do not wait until it is too late to evacuate.


For more tips on how to best prepare for the safety of your pet during a hurricane, click the link to follow to listen to the podcast Hurricane Preparation for Your Pet

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