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06/16La. has collected only $50M in taxes from corporations - Shortfall could mean cuts -
06/15Critical tax vote planned Wednesday in House committee -
06/14Letters: Our first honest budget in 8 years - The Advocate - June 14
06/13Da Winnas & Da Loozas of Louisiana’s 2016 legislative session - Clancy DuBos presents his annual recap of the legislative carnage
06/11Shredded on Day 1, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards' tax plans... - ...find rough going on first full day of special session by tyler bridges|
06/11Political Horizons: Tensions high in Louisiana House - June 11 - Political Horizons: Tensions high in Louisiana House - by mark ballard| mballard@theadvoca
06/10Edwards urges lawmakers to consider more revenue bills... - or Louisiana's fiscal problems will remain unsolved - June 10 BY Elizabeth Crisp| ecrisp@theadvocat
06/06Louisiana voters will decide who sets university tuition - By Julia O'Donoghue - June 5, 2016
06/062016 legislative session the longest in Louisiana history - Jack Richards / Manship School News Service , WWL 5:47 AM. CDT June 07, 2016
06/06Legislature ends regular session with drama over capital outlay bill... - .., rare vote against House speaker by tyler bridges| June 6, 2016; 3:14