House Subcommittee on Research and Technology

Room H2-394 FHOB- Ford House Office Building
441 Second Street, SW
Washington, DC 20515
202.225.6371 FAX: 202.226.0113
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ChairmanStevens, Haley D-h11Livonia
Rk MinorityBaird, Jim R-h04Danville
Rk MinorityLawson, Connie R-163
Federal Committee MemberBalderson, Troy R-h12Worthington
Federal Committee MemberCohen, Steve I.D-h09Memphis
Federal Committee MemberFoster, Bill D-h11Joliet
Federal Committee MemberGonzalez, Anthony E.R-h16Strongsville
Federal Committee MemberHerrera Beutler, Jaime L.R-h03Chehalis
Federal Committee MemberLipinski, Daniel W.D-h03Orland Park
Federal Committee MemberMarshall, Roger W.R-h01Garden City
Federal Committee MemberMcAdams, Ben D-h04West Jordan
Federal Committee MemberSherman, Brad J.D-h30Sherman Oaks
Federal Committee MemberSherrill, Mikie D-h11Parsippany
Federal Committee MemberTonko, Paul D.D-h20Schenectady

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