Two Day Formative Instructional Model for Elementary Writing Institute (Grades 3-5)-VIRTUAL (PL21057)
Credits: 1 / Tuition: $0
Status: OPEN / Maximum Size: 100
Instructor: Jennifer Hand
Date: 6/8/2021 thru 6/9/2021 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: ONLINE - ONLINE ONLINE, (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 6/7/2021


Course Description

Two Day Formative Instructional Model for Elementary Writing Institute (grades 3-5)

Instructed by Kevin Raczynski the University of Georgia’s Georgia Center for Assessment

June 8 and 9, 2021

9 am to 4 pm

Virtual Participation

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The objective of this professional learning is to provide a clear pathway of direct instruction, formative assessment, and data analysis/feedback to improve all students’ writing in the narrative genre and the opinion or informational genre.

In terms of direct instruction, GCA has developed sequences of lessons for each grade level and genre that help prepare students for working through writing activities independently. Each sequence includes 5 lessons. At a high-level, the lessons focus on:

Lesson 1: Pre-reading and reading 1-2 passages, and checking for comprehension

Lesson 2: Planning/gathering evidence for the constructed-response question

Lesson 3: Using the plan to write the constructed-response

Lesson 4: Planning/gathering evidence for the extended writing topic

Lesson 5: Using the plan to write the extended-response

GCA will share the 5-lesson sequence with participants. The related professional learning will focus on implementing the 5 lessons in physical, virtual, or hybrid classrooms. The professional learning will also focus on making adjustments to the lessons, as necessary, given the unique characteristics of each group of students.  

In terms of a formative writing assessment, there are many options available. For example, GCA’s Assesslets are formative writing assessments scored by professional raters using Georgia’s rubric for the genre in question. Assesslets are priced at a per-student rate, and discounted rates apply when combined with professional learning.

Finally, after the formative writing assessment is administered and scored, a final step is making sense of the data and using it to answer questions like “Where to next?” Using sample data and student responses from a formative writing assessment, this aspect focuses on:

  • Understanding scores and using this understanding to provide appropriate feedback based on the scores
  • Identifying trends in data that can be used to inform small-group follow-up support

This perspective helps educators use data effectively to make practical decisions about helping their students improve their writing from draft 1 to draft 2.

For each genre, all aspects of the model will be covered in 6 hours. Because 2 genres will be covered (narrative and opinion or informational), the collaboration will involve 12 hours.

Remote attendance

Participants may attend remotely. Assuming the local internet connection is reliable, GCA can set up a ZOOM call on site and remote attendees will be able to participate in the presentation as if they were present physically (i.e., see what is shared, hear what is said, and engage in the conversation). 

Class Notes
ZOOM link will be sent prior to workshop start date.

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