Knowing is Half the Battle! Teaching & Learning for Depth of Knowledge-Face 2 Face (PL21073)
Credits: 1 / Tuition: $0
Status: OPEN / Maximum Size: 75
Instructor: Jennifer Hand
Date: 7/28/2021 thru 7/29/2021 Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: PLC - SW GA RESA Training Center Camilla, Ga (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 7/27/2021


Course Description
Knowing Is Half the Battle! Teaching and
Learning for Depth of Knowledge
Presented by Maverik Education

(Based on the upcoming book published by Solution Tree in October 2021)

Teaching and learning for cognitive rigor challenges students to demonstrate different levels of thinking and understanding and use their depth of knowledge in different contexts. However, what exactly is depth of knowledge? How do Webb’s DOK Levels describe four different and deeper ways students can demonstrate their learning? How could we use Webb’s DOK Levels to address, assess, and augment students’ academic strengths and skills?

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn how depth of knowledge designates the depth and extent academic standards, activities, and assessments demand students to demonstrate their learning in a certain context.  They will also learn how Webb’s DOK Levels can be used as a multi-tiered method and model for delivering instruction, responding to intervention, extending learning, and making modifications for students who receive and require specialized services and support to achieve and surpass grade level goals and expectations. They will also learn how to reconstruct the learning intentions of academic standards into DOK Learning Targets and Success Criteria for teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes

=         Recognize what exactly depth of knowledge is and how it clarifies the cognitive demand of learning expectations.

=         Understand how Webb’s Depth-of-Knowledge (DOK) Levels can be used to code and compare the cognitive demand of academic standards, activities, and assessment items.

=         Deconstruct the learning expectations of standards to clarify the complexity of the content students must learn and the context in which they must demonstrate their learning.

=         Use Webb’s Depth-of-Knowledge (DOK) Levels as a multi-tiered system of support to address, assess, and augment students’ academic strengths and skills.

=         Reconstruct the learning intentions of academic standards into DOK Learning Targets that set the instructional focus for units and lessons and specify the mental processing and skill students must perform.

=         Establish DOK Success Criteria that specify the depth and extent students must respond to activities, items, and tasks to demonstrate proficiency, perform successfully, or progress in their learning.

=         Create pathways to proficiency and progressions of performance that guide instruction and support students in achieving and surpassing grade level goals and expectations set by academic standards.

Grade Level: K-12

Content Areas: All Subjects

Correlating Topics: Curriculum and Instruction, Standards-Based Learning, Standards-Based Assessment and Grading, Response to Intervention (RTI), Differentiated Instruction, Academic Rigor, Social and Emotional Learning

Class Notes
All participants will be expected to bring the following to the training:
  • A laptop or tablet to download instructional materials and tools                         
  • College and career ready standards for the academic area or subject being taught                                                                                                                       
  • Grade level curriculum, texts, and scope and sequence for instruction, assessment & evaluation


 Purchase of the book is recommended but not required.  See link below:

Now That's a Good Question! How to Promote Cognitive Rigor Through Classroom Questioning 

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