VIRTUAL-Science Leadership-Elementary Grades K-5 (PL22026)
Credits: 0 Hours: 1.00 / Tuition: $0
Status: OPEN / Maximum Size: 40
Date: 9/8/2021 Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: ONLINE - ONLINE ONLINE, (Click for Driving Directions)
Registration Deadline: 9/7/2021


Course Description

Elementary Grades Science Leadership, Grades K-5

This year science leadership is being organized by grade bands in an effort to provide educators with more opportunities to collaborate with peers. We will be focusing on grade band appropriate activities and taking a deeper dive into the GSE Science Standards for that grade band throughout both sessions this school year. Sessions will also review grade band progressions for science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts to explore how these important dimensions look at different grade levels. 

Class Notes
UPDATE: Due to increasing COVID concerns and the challenges many of our districts are facing, especially in regards to acquiring substitutes for classrooms, we have made the decision to shift our Science Leadership Sessions to a virtual setting. We will still divide the sessions by grade bands, but rather than meeting for an entire day we will have a series of shorter sessions after school for each grade band. For now, we will keep the session schedule for the spring (March 2022) face to face.

This class has been closed.

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