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Few Georgians understand the impact traumatic injury has on our state.  We are delighted that you are interested in this story.

The Commission at a Glance

=         Georgians with a traumatic brain and/or spinal cord injury may apply to the Commission for goods and services that maximize independence and recovery, such as:

Wheelchair                                        Bathroom Modifications for Accessibility

Physical Therapy                                Hand controls for a car/van

Driver Evaluation post-injury               Speech Therapy

Adaptive computer                             Hospital bed

=         Since 2003 the Commission has awarded over $22,000,000 to 5,000+ individuals for their post-acute care and rehabilitation. This does not include the grants awarded to state organizations and camps for Georgians with traumatic brain injury.

=         Zero tax dollars are allocated to the BSITFC.  The Commission’s sole source of funding is a 10% surcharge on Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Reckless Driving convictions.

=         The dramatic decline in DUI fine collection has resulted in a $10,000 lifetime award cap for each individual, although the lifetime cost of care can easily exceed $4,000,000.

Process Year  DUI Total for Year Reckless Driving Surcharge collections
2010                          41,819                                   -   $1,933,528
2011                          38,315                                   -   $1,896,580
2012                          34,950                                   -   $1,770,818
2013                          32,514                                   -   $1,579,626
2014                          28,909                                   -   $1,449,027
2015                          28,035                            9,522 $1,325,935
2016                          24,603                            9,771 $1,422,131
Reckless driving surcharge began January 1, 2015    

To learn more about our organization, we encourage you to read our annual report or visit our Facebook page at to learn about our latest news. 

Quick References:

State Plan and Needs Assessment - Summary

State Plan and Needs Assessment - Full Version

For other media questions, please contact: Craig Young, Executive Director at 1-888-233-5760

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