2017 H2A Wage Rate (AEWR)  

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USA Farmers is an H-2A grower-led organization whose mission is to provide education, communication, and advocacy regarding public policy that impacts the federal H-2A guest worker program. Together we can achieve reform of the H-2A guest worker program making it affordable and workable so that you can farm and make a profit with a legal workforce. Only H-2A Employers will determine USA Farmers’ policy because we use the program and we know best what will and what won’t work.

On behalf of its members, USA Farmers will conduct public policy research; prepare position papers & correspondence; and lobby Congress on issues that affect the continued success and profitability of H-2A employers. We’ll also keep you up-to-date on the latest information regarding immigration and proposed legislation and regulatory changes to the H-2A program. USA Farmers will fight for consistent and reasonable H-2A legislation and regulations.

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