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Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/29/2024

HB 0073 WatchBail Bondsman Restrictions from Elected Office Marc Morris
1/30/2019 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2019/01/31 Report Debra Nesbit Sheriff
This legislation restricts county elected officials, and court officers and attorneys from engaging in the bail bond business.  The bill specifically exempts a local elected school board member from the restriction.
HB 0492 SupportRequire Writ of Possession be Made within 30 Days in Dispossessory Proceedings in Magistrate Court Bonnie Rich
7/1/2019 Effective Date Judiciary Special Judiciary -
2019/03/01 Report 2019/03/22 Report 2019/03/29 Report Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
HB 492 amends the Code section relating to a writ of possession issued by a court order to recover possession of land or property. Applications to execute a writ of possession by a sheriff or marshal must be made within 30 days of issuance of the writ, unless the application is accompanied by an affidavit showing good cause for a delay. If the landlord fails to execute a writ of possession within 30 days from the issuance of any order granting the writ of possession, the landlord must reapply and pay additional filing fees for the writ. 
HB 0983 SupportRevise Reporting Requirements for Sexual Offender Registration Ricky Williams
1/1/2021 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Judiciary -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/13 Report Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts Sex Offender
This legislation allows the registration of sexual offenders be done anytime during the month of their birth for those residing in a state or privately operating hospice facility, skilled nursing home, or residential health care facility, upon approval of the sheriff of said county.
SB 0019 SupportHigher Education Grants for Public Safety Officers Michael Rhett
1/17/2019 Senate Read and Referred -Higher Education -
2019/01/25 Report Debra Nesbit EMS/Ambulance Fire Services Law Enforcement
Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
This legislation would create a new tuition grant program for public safety officers that have been employed for at least 36 months and are pursuing their first baccalaureate degree.  Public safety officers shall maintain full-time employment as a public safety officer for a period of sic months for each grant payment received.
SB 0402 NeutralElimination of OR Bonds (Release on Own Recognizance) Now Unsecured Judicial Release Randy Robertson
1/1/2021 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Public Safety -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/06 Report Correctional Institutions/Jail Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit
Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
This legislation eliminates the ability for judges to set a bond and then release accused on their own recognizance.  The legislation requires conditions for unsecured judicial release and the judge must state the reason for the release.
SB 0446 SupportCash Bonds and Unclaimed Cash Bonds Change Length of Time Court must Hold Larry Walker
1/1/2021 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Public Safety -
2020/06/19 Report Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons Public Safety and Courts
This bill will allow courts to hold cash bonds that are unclaimed for no more than two years, under existing law they must hold those funds for seven years.  Funds not claimed after notice will revert to the county.
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