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Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0093 NeutralSale and Use Tax Refunds - No Interest Payable John Corbett
3/29/2018 Senate Conference Committee Appointed 56th, 52nd, 30th Ways & Means Finance -
2017/01/27-Report 2017/02/03-Report 2017/03/06 - Report 2017/03/24 - Report 2018/03/16 Report
2018/03/23 Report Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local
This bill changes refund procedures for purchasers with a certificate or exemption letter from the state revenue commissioner. If the certificate has been obtained but not used prior to a purchase, any refund of sales tax is made without interest. Under present law, no interest is due on refunds only if a certificate had not been obtained and used prior to a purchase. As amended, this bill adds requirements for certain large purchasers who may directly pay sales tax rather than pay sales tax to their vendors. The Senate added the text of SB 378 (Measuring Success Act) and SB 432 (repeal of certain tax exemptions). 
HB 0169 NeutralCharlton County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections John Corbett
1/1/2018 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Elections General County Government Local Legislation Probate Court Public Safety and Courts
HB 0380 InactiveEchols County; board of education; revise districts for election of members John Corbett
5/2/2017 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Elections Local Legislation
HB 0381 SupportAbandoned Mobile Homes - Method for Removal John Corbett
5/1/2019 Effective Date Judiciary Judiciary -
2017/02/17-Report 2018/02/09 Report 2018/02/16 Report 2018/03/16 Report 2018/03/23 Report
Code Enforcement General County Government Magistrate Court Progressing Legislation Property Tax
Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance Tags/Titles Tax Commissioner Todd Edwards
This legislation establishes a process whereby private property owners can have abandoned mobile homes removed from their land.  Local governments may elect to provide a qualified "local agent" to make a determination, at the request of a property owner, whether a mobile home is abandoned, derelict or intact.  If deemed abandoned, the local government posts a notice, then the property owner notifies the last known mobile home owner (or posts a legal notice if no responsible party can be ascertained), which begins a process whereby the property owner can pay for the removal of the mobile home.  A hearing procedure is provided in magistrate court for aggrieved mobile home owners in this process.  Neither the local government nor the local agent shall bear any liability with respect to any lawful actions taken under this law.  Action: counties wishing to participate must first appoint a qualified local agent.    
HB 0741 SupportAd Valorem Taxation - Consideration of Income Data John Corbett
1/29/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
2018/01/26 Report 2018/02/02 Report Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This bill amends the definition of 'fair market value' for ad valorem tax purposes. Currently, the income approach is required to be used if data is available and the bill will change this standard to merely being 'considered' rather than required. Also, under current law, if the owner voluntarily supplies actual income and expense data, it is required to be considered. The bill will change this standard to the data merely being one component of the fair market value determination.
HB 0796 OpposeSales Tax Holidays John Corbett
2/5/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
2018/02/16 Report Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local
This bill seeks to restore the previously expired 'sales tax holiday' for school supplies, clothing, and certain computer-related equipment. The new holiday periods would be  August 4-5, 2018, and September 29-30, 2018. No changes are made to the list of exempt items. 
HB 0876 NeutralBuilding Codes - Locals Cannot Prohibit Wood Construction John Corbett
7/1/2018 Effective Date Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Agriculture and Consumer Affairs -
2018/02/09 Report 2018/02/16 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/23 Report Code Enforcement
Fire Services General County Government Preemption Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This legislation preempts local governments from prohibiting the use of wood as a construction material so long as such use conforms to all applicable state minimum standard codes and the Georgia State Fire Code.  Several cities, concerned with fire safety, have enacted such ordinances.       
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