Legislation Sponsored by Matt Gurtler (6)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0156 NeutralGuns - No License Required Matt Gurtler
1/31/2017 House Second Readers Public Safety and Homeland Security --
Firearms/Carry Laws General County Government Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This legislation enacts the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017.  It does away with Georgia's weapons license and allows anyone to carry a firearm unless they are prohibited by law from possessing a weapon or long gun.   
HB 0364 NeutralHotel-Motel Tax - Repeal $5 tax Matt Gurtler
2/16/2017 House Second Readers Transportation --
Hotel Motel Tax Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance
 This bill repeals the $5.00 per night state hotel motel fee.
HB 0742 NeutralRabies Inoculation - Pets Exempt if Shot Compromises their Health Matt Gurtler
1/29/2018 House Second Readers Agriculture and Consumer Affairs --
2018/02/02 Report Animal Control General County Government Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This bill exempts pets from required rabies inoculation if a licensed veterinarian determines in writing that it would compromise an animal's health.  Said exemption remains in place until a licensed veterinarian determines the inoculation would not compromise the animal's health.   
HB 0845 NeutralYoung Harris, City of; provide new charter Matt Gurtler
5/3/2018 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Local Legislation
HB 0933 NeutralDillard, City of; eliminate one council post Matt Gurtler
5/3/2018 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Form of Government Local Legislation
HB 1009 EvaluatingTaxpayers' Bill of Rights - Revisions Matt Gurtler
2/28/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
Auditing/Budget General County Government Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
Sales Tax-Local Tax Commissioner
This bill makes numerous changes throughout the OCGA under the purported purpose of modernizing taxpayer rights. Among its many changes it: 1) requires a local government to post its proposed budget on its website the same day it is provided to the governing authority and to email notification thereof to interested parties; 2) requires a public hearing on the budget two weeks, rather than one week, prior to adoption of the budget and requires email notification thereof two weeks prior to the hearing; 3) requires tax commissioners and tax collectors to prepare and publish on their website and the county website a monthly report of the number and type of tax sales and their progress and disposition; rewrites the definition of fair market value of property by placing artificial limits thereon such that the maximum allowable fair market value cannot exceed the adjusted fair market value; 4) eliminates the requirement that a tax bill show a statement regarding reduction of the state ad valorem levy since there no longer is such a levy;  5) makes major changes to the annual publication of the five year history and the process of advertising intent to increase property taxes including: A)  combining both procedures together; B) requiring a public hearing on a Saturday; C) emailing notice to interested parties; and D) prohibiting the state revenue commissioner from accepting a county digest if any recommending authority or levying authority, including a municipality fails to comply with any part of the new combined procedure and renders the levy of each levying authority invalid and unenforceable; and 6) requires all notices and reports of tax sales and five year histories and roll back compliance to be retained permanently.
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